Pheucticus chrysopeplus, Yellow grosbeak, Picogrueso amarillo

Viva Natura: The revival of a Mexican field guide classic

Petr Myska probably didn’t think that the book he was writing would be threatened with extinction even before some of the species that were featured in his publication. Myska’s work was published in 2007 as A Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico. In short form, it is known as “Viva Natura.” […]

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Playa El Amor, a secluded beach in the Cabo Corrientes area of Mexico's Costa Alegre © David Kimball, 2013

Cabo Corrientes: Beaches in Mexico with nobody there

Cabo Corrientes is one of those vaguely heard of places where nobody ever goes because… well, where is it? And how and why would you go there? Literally, Cabo Corrientes means “cape currents.” It’s the point about 30 miles west of Puerto Vallarta where Banderas Bay finally gives up its apparent attempt to swallow the Pacific. Look […]

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