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Posted by Fanny on April 15, 1999

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Mexico, don’t be a sloppy taco eater. Wouldn’t Eleanor, Abigail and Judith just die! Far cry as it is from the excruciatingly correct manners of these three deities, Fanny wants you to know that there IS a proper way to eat a taco:

1. First rule. Don’t over stuff that tortilla. This is a fatal error.

2. After you have put the delectable stuffing into the piping hot tortilla, g

ently fold it in half.

3. Then, holding the taco in both hands, open side up, manipulate the top edges down so that they rest on the top of the taco. You should now have a roll-shaped taco.

4. Finally, taking the taco in one hand, support it between your thumb and index finger on the side closest to you. Your middle and ring finger rest on top, and your pinky finger supports the end underneath, which serves to keep that otherwise dripping extremity closed.

5. Now you may enjoy your taco with finesse!

Repeat the entire process for the next taco.

Posted by Reed on April 16, 1999

My favorite Mexican restaurant in the D.C. area (muy tipico) serves tacos stuffed with filling for $3. I order extra tortillas and make three or four more. In Mexico, I rarely have to ask for extra tortillas, they just appear! You should see my mother trying to eat them with a knife and fork…


Posted by Carron in Chiapas on April 16, 1999:

When we still lived in a Mexican barrio in Houston and my teenage son was just learning to cook from his Mexican friends, his first dish was scrambled eggs with refried beans mixed in and pickled peppers on the side. He put the large bowl full on the table and I dropped in a serving spoon. He reacted with horror and told me that just wasn’t the way it was done. He then showed us how to tear tortillas into quarters, hold them flat over our fingers and thumb, then simply pinch up a batch of the egg mixture with the quarter tortilla. Since then we eat just about everything that way. And since we have been living in Mexico we note that most of our friends use tortillas the same way. No matter what the main dish is (eggs, chicken, beef, stewed or grilled) it may be cut first with a knife and fork, but it is then wrapped in a small piece of tortilla before being put into the mouth. The pleasure of this is simply beyond description!!! Thanks Fanny, Being 59 yrs old, Lived in southern AZ all my life, visiting Mexico since I was 12 years old, I have been eating TACOS wrong all that time….thanks loads…..please continue setting us straight on things like that…

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