Lois and Kai Hendriksen retired to Veracruz Mexico and opened a burger drive-in. © William B. Kaliher, 2010

Living, Working, Retiring in Mexico – Index Page

Living, working or retiring in Mexico is a dream for people in many parts of the world. For others, it has become a reality. This Resource Page is intended to provide a solid base of practical advice, viewpoints and personal experience. Through articles, resource materials and references, this Resource Section will assist those considering the move, […]

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Living in Mexico from A to Z: Part One

A Woman’s Perspective on Living in Mexico These next two columns will share some dubious gems of wisdom, organized alphabetically. My editor (are you listening, David?), limits the number of words for each column, so you’ll have to wait until next month for the M-Z section. It’s avocado season and my neighbor’s huge tree extends […]

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Continuing education in Mexico

A Woman’s Perspective on Living in Mexico I fussed unnecessarily, before moving to Mexico, worrying about how I would continue with my education, with no grasp of the Spanish language. Why unnecessarily? Because I came just before we were able to get local Internet access. In California, I actually didn’t complete my undergraduate until I […]

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