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Pastel de Chocolate y Nueces: Mexican Chocolate Nut Cake Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients:   1 ½ cups flour ¾ cup sugar ½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ancho chile powder (optional) ... read more

Mexican carrot pudding: Budin de zanahoria Karen Hursh Graber

This versatile Mexican carrot pudding can be served as a side dish or a dessert. As a side dish, it is made with cheese, and as a dessert, with raisins and nuts. Here, it is presented as a dessert. Som... read more

Mexican anise cookies: Galletas de anis Karen Hursh Graber

Anise is a favorite flavor in Mexico, especially in cookies. Traditional bakers use lard, good old porky fat, but butter works well. Please don't use margarine or vegetable shortening for these delicio... read more

Mexican honey spice bundt cake: Rosca de miel y especias Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe contains ground flax seed, an ingredient once found only in health food stores here in Mexico, but now sold in supermarkets, called semilla de linaza. read more

Puebla style apple and blueberry marmalade: Mermelada de manzana y mora azul Karen Hursh Graber

This is a classic recipe from the Sierra Norte, adapted from Patricia Quintana's Cocina de los Angeles. Blueberries are nearly as abundant as apples in the Sierra, and the two make a wonderful combination. read more

Mexican pineapple empanadas: Empanadas de piña Karen Hursh Graber

Pineapple seems to be the most common fruit filling for empanadas in Mexico, but guava and apple are frequently used and delicious. The dough for sweet Mexican empanadas usually contains some sugar, bu... read more

David Sterling's Mexican coconut sorbet: sorbete de coco Karen Hursh Graber

An ice cream vendor in Merida
The base for this coconut sorbet is fresh coconut milk — not to be confused with the water found inside coconuts (although that should be reserved to use in the recipe). You may substitute the fresh whole coconuts in the recipe with canned, unsweetened coconut milk and grated coconut — but you can't beat the flavor of doing it from scratch. read more

Crumbly Mexican peanut cookies: Polvorones de cacahuate Karen Hursh Graber

The thick, crumbly cookies called polvorones are a basic item in even the smallest Mexican bakery. This recipe, a variation using peanuts, is from one of the earliest bilingual cookbooks, with t... read more

Mexican orange sugar sookies: Polvorones de naranja Karen Hursh Graber

The sugar cookies called polvorones are sometimes known as "Mexican wedding cookies" in English, although I've never seen them served at a wedding here in Central Mexico. They are a common bakery it... read more

Mexican tres leches cake with sprinkles: Pastel de tres leches con chispas Karen Hursh Graber

Called chispas, chispitas, or in some places just the English "sprinkles," these colored decorations are fun and festive. They add pizzaz to that favorite Mexican cake — pastel de tres leches. Ingre... read more

Mexican pear flan: Flan de pera Karen Hursh Graber

Pear is one of the best fruits for incorporating into flan. The soft texture of the cooked pears combines perfectly with this Mexican custard. Ingredients Sugar to caramelize mold, about ½ cup... read more

Mexican rice pudding with dried fruit: Arroz con leche y frutas secas Karen Hursh Graber

Rice pudding is a blank canvas, waiting to be embellished with the bright colors and flavors of dried fruit like apricots and cranberries. For a more exotic version, make it "tropical" with dried mango... read more

Mexican chia coconut pudding: Postre de chia y coco Karen Hursh Graber

Ridiculously simple to make and fun to eat, this chia coconut puddingcould also be prepared with almond milk. Ingredients 4 tablespoons chia seeds 1 cup coconut milk 1 tablespoon hone... read more

Mexican chia fruit gelatin: Gelatina de frutas con chia Karen Hursh Graber

Chia's natural ability to gel makes it perfect for vegans or anyone else adverse to using commercial gelatins made with animal hooves. Use any kind of fruit juice, including those that aren't available... read more

Mexican yucca pudding: Budin de yuca Karen Hursh Graber

The preparation of this Mexican yucca pudding dessert is the same as for flan, coating the pan with caramelized sugar and baking in a baño maria, or bain marie. For the caramel: Place ¾ cup of suga... read more

Mexican plantains with vanilla cream: Postre de platanos con vainilla Karen Hursh Graber

This is my own adaptation of a popular Mexican street food, fried plantains topped with sweetened condensed milk. This dressed-up version — plaintains with vanilla cream — uses whipped cream flavor... read more

Mexican three milk cake with rompope: Pastel de tres leches con rompope Karen Hursh Graber

Tres leches cake, one of the all-time Mexican favorite desserts, is so named because it is made with three kinds of milk. Sweetened condensed milk has been around since the 1800s, when it was developed... read more

Mexican multi colored gelatin: Gelatina mosaica Karen Hursh Graber

No kids' party in Mexico would be complete without a gelatin, and this one is so easy and attractive. It really does look like sparkling mosaic tiles set in a background of white, and is just like the ... read more

Mexican avocado ice pops: Paletas de aguacate Karen Hursh Graber

Here's a creamy texture without dairy. These delicious Mexican avocado ice pops are adapted from My Sweet Mexico by Fany Gerson. Ingredients 1 cup water ½ cup sugar 2 small, ripe avo... read more

Mexican avocado lime pie: Pay de aguacate y limon Karen Hursh Graber

This Mexican avocado lime pie is something like a creamy version of key lime pie, but with the nutritional value of avocados. Ingredients 1 prepared 9-inch graham cracker pie crust 1 cup a... read more

Mexican avocado ice cream: Helado de aguacate Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe for Mexican avocado ice cream is simplicity itself, and can be served as a softie ice cream or frozen longer for a firmer, more scoop-able version. Ingredients Pulp of 3 medium avoc... read more

Mexican rice and amaranth pudding: Arroz y amaranto con leche Karen Hursh Graber

This variation of the classic arroz con leche is served in Zimatlan, Oaxaca, one of the largest amaranth-producing areas in Mexico. The addition of popped amaranth grains adds nutrients as well ... read more

Mexican cheese and guava flan: Flan de queso y guayaba Karen Hursh Graber

Guavas, being so plentiful in Aguascalientes, are used in several desserts. A common combination in Mexico is ate, a paste made with guava, quince, pears or other fruit, and cream cheese, served toge... read more

Mexican guava pie: Pay de guayaba Karen Hursh Graber

Apple pie, move over. Mexican guava pie, or pay de guayaba, was made to be eaten with either vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. Thawed frozen guavas can be used for this delicious pie. Ingredients ... read more

Mexican pumpkin flan: Flan de calabaza Karen Hursh Graber

The complimentary flavors of pumpkin and allspice come together in this easy, satisfying dessert. It is important to use genuine vanilla extract and not the artificially flavored ones. Ingredients ... read more
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