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Mexico's grain of the gods: Cooking with amaranth

Karen Hursh Graber

What food was considered so important to the diet of Mexico's pre-Hispanic population that it was fashioned into images of the gods and eaten as communion? What food was outlawed during the conquest of Mexico, and the people of New Spain forbidden to cultivate or consume? And finally,

Chicken in Mexican amaranth sauce: Pollo en amaranto
Mexican amaranth-potato croquettes: Croquetas de papa con amaranto
Mexican squash, corn and amaranth soup: Sopa de calabaza y ylote con amaranto
Mexican rice and amaranth pudding: Arroz y amaranto con leche


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Online sources for cereal grain and flour:

NuWorld Amaranth: In addition to amaranth flour, whole grain seeds, and puffed (popped) cereal, sells many innovative products, such as Aztec Amaranth Flatbread and amaranth and corn tortilla chips. The website also has some recipes for bread and dessert dishes.

Multi-Kem Corp.: Sells flour, whole grain, puffed, and toasted amaranth.
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Johnny's Selected Seeds
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Mellinger's Inc., Dept MKG
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Plants of the Southwest
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