Pictures of Chalma, Mexico

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Rick Meyer

Pictures of Chalma, Mexico

Chalma is a rather small pueblo tucked into the east end of the Malinalco valley. Due to the miraculous appearance of an image of Christ in 1533 the place has ever since been a pilgrimage site for Mexicans but otherwise lightly traveled by foreigners. The image (statue) was found in a cave but was transferred to the church built to welcome the fantastic number of pilgrims.

It is a short 6 peso bus ride from Malinalco which in turn is served by buses from the west. Through a bit of persistent questioning I learned the eastern bus route out is via San Andres, then a short taxi ride to Coatlan in Morelos state from which bus service to Cuernavaca is ample. The ride from Chalma to San Andres is most pleasant through deserted countryside on a nice blacktop road. People would exit the bus in the middle of nowhere and start walking. You would think they would die of thirst or starvation.      (Pictures taken April 26, 2004)

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