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Mexican pineapple, apple, orange and coconut marmalade: Mermelada de piña, manzana, naranja y coco Karen Hursh Graber

Mixed fruit marmalades are popular in Hidalgo, served with all manner of cakes and breads. This recipe for Mexican pineapple, apple, orange and coconut marmalade is adapted from CONACULTA's La Cocin... read more

Mexican chicken in pulque broth: Pollo en pulque Karen Hursh Graber

Now that pulque is sold in cans, it is more accessible to people outside the pulque producing regions, but diluted beer can be substituted and the recipe is written to be used with either one. This hea... read more

Miel de maguey: an ancient Mexican sweetener brings hope to modern villagers Karen Hursh Graber

Reading the recent Mexconnect article Tears of the maguey: Is pulque really a dying tradition? brought me to the realization that here in Cholula, many of the pulquerías (pulque bars) have slowly and ... read more

Did you know? Thousands of Mexico's students receive classes by TV Tony Burton

Mexico's pioneering "telesecundaria" or "television secondary school" system began back in 1968. It now provides junior high school classes in remote areas, serving about one million students in grades... read more

The Cuisine of Hidalgo: Spanning Climates and Cultures Karen Hursh Graber

Over the years, on road trips from Central Mexico to various parts of the U.S., we have explored different routes, some more scenic than others. One of the most unforgettable included the state of Hida... read more

Cornish Meat Pies: Pasteles de Carne Karen Hursh Graber

Although undoubtedly made without chile in their native Cornwall, these tasty, filling meat pies have been mexicanized in translation, usually with the addition of serrano chiles, either canned in vina... read more

Hidalgo Style Fava Bean Soup: Caldo de Habas Estilo de Hidalgo Karen Hursh Graber

Although fresh fava beans appear only in springtime in the markets of Central Mexico, the dried versions are available throughout the year and cook much more quickly than other dried beans. I gave a re... read more

Spiced Lamb Steamed in Maguey Leaves: Mixiotes de Carnero Karen Hursh Graber

Mixiotes de carnero are a specialty of the central Mexican states of Puebla, Tlaxcala and Hidalgo. They are flavored with two of the most distinctively Mexican of leaves: avocado leaves, which are encl... read more

Out of Mexico's past: Photographs that speak volumes (Hugo Brehme and others) Anthony Wright

Anyone out there on the information highway heard of an American photographer named North? Worked in Mexico, made dozens of daguerreotypes of the cities, churches and countryside circa mid-1800s? Gina ... read more

Venta Prieta, Hidalgo Discussion Thread Forum

I'm interested in information on the small "native" Jewish community in Venta Prieta, Hgo. (just outside of Pachuca) and would be grateful for anything that anyone might know about it.

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