The garden and Casa Principal of Hacienda del Cortes.

Relive the romance of colonial Mexico at a hacienda hotel

Staying at a Mexican hacienda hotel is like being transported back in time. The casa principal or main house usually stands before an elegant garden ablaze with purple bougainvillea and red flamboyant. The perfume of orchids fills the air. At some haciendas a massive brick aqueduct arches above and through its arches flows a cerulean blue swimming […]

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Writing and history

The history of Mexico has generally been written by outsiders, Spanish Conquistadors, Catholic missionaries, and most recently by archaeologists and anthropologists. Consequently Western ideas of historiography have dominated the writing of this history. Our concept of history, along with its method and purpose, begins with the ancient Greeks, although different historians may approach the subject […]

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Zumpango: the guardians of a forgotten cemetery

“Magic realism” describes a style of Latin American writing where dreams and reality meet on equal footing in worlds lying ephemerally in between, poised to subvert back to the norm the very instant a strange experience is realized. Writers such as Carlos Fuentes, Laura Esquivel and Gabriel Garcia Marquez draw as much from the landscape […]

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The Cuisine of Hidalgo: Spanning Climates and Cultures

Over the years, on road trips from Central Mexico to various parts of the U.S., we have explored different routes, some more scenic than others. One of the most unforgettable included the state of Hidalgo, in north central Mexico, where a great deal of the countryside still resembles the beautiful Mexican calendar art of the […]

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Magueyes grow as tall as a man and are many times as wide. These grown in the state of Morelos, Mexico, outside Cuernavaca. © Julia Taylor, 2010

Tears of the maguey: Is pulque really a dying tradition?

A long time ago, before the Spaniards came and changed everything, the people of the Mexican highlands cultivated maguey plants. Like the people, the magueys are native to the cool, dry, high elevation climate. The plants grew well and were useful for many things. Today, the various varieties of these agaves are sometimes called “century […]

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Did you know? Thousands of Mexico’s students receive classes by TV

Mexico’s pioneering “telesecundaria” or “television secondary school” system began back in 1968. It now provides junior high school classes in remote areas, serving about one million students in grades 7 to 9, 17% of the total nationwide enrolment in these grades. Many of the telesecundaria lessons are now available on the Internet, and before long, […]

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Hidalgo crest


The state of Hidalgo is part of the Central Highlands Region of Mexico, along with the states of Guanajuato, Mexico (State of), Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla, Querétaro and Tlaxcala. The capital city of the state of Hidalgo is Pachuca. The state of Hidalgo has several interesting “geomorphosites” – places where landforms provide amazing scenery for […]

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