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Mexico main event: Baja 1000 rerun on TV Marvin West

San Felipe desert
The world's toughest motor vehicle race, the Baja 1000, followed an 883-mile desert loop designed by the devil himself, out, up, down and around, across washes and over boulders, on the most inhospitable terrain of the Baja California peninsula, starting and finishing in Ensenada. read more

Christmas in Mexico City Edythe Anstey Hanen

The flash of skate blades against gleaming ice. A cold-edged wind that creeps into your bones. The sharp, metallic smell of snow in the air. Winter. These are the images that most of us connect to our... read more

Skimboard kids on a Mexico beach Gerry Soroka

When it's winter up north, the skimboarding season is in full stride along the Pacific Coast beaches of Mexico. This is when the best talent goes head-to-head to determine ultimately who will make it t... read more

Mountain biking in Chihuahua Ron Mader

One of Mexico's premier destinations for mountain biking has its own website. Take a virtual trek to the northern state of Chihuahua, where Mexico's National Mountain Bike Championships is held each ye... read more

Mexican Beisbol links Ron Mader

Baseball is one of Mexico's best entertainment values. Palcos or box seats run around 80 pesos at the Foro Sol, and general admission access to the bleachers costs about 20 pesos. Last May, Mexi... read more

The Veracruz Blues by Mark Winegardner Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is a wonderful mixture of fact and fiction about America, Mexico and baseball. The time of the story is the ‘40s when Mexico had great baseball teams and the Veracruz Blues "was the best ball club that ever was". The story is about 1946, la temporada de oro, the season of gold. read more

Sports enthusiasts get hooked on fishing in Mexico

Every great fisherman has a story about the "one that got away." A memorable "get away" to Mexico will hook more than a few fish tales with some of the best fishing in the world. The Baja Peninsula Lo... read more
Showing 1—7 of 7 results
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