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Mexico lives! Cheers for Mexico Marvin West

Our Lady of Sorrows church in Dolores Hidalgo
Come see and taste and smell. Have fun. Soak up some sunshine. Learn something. Visit a historic hacienda or maybe Pueblos Mágicos — or even a wind farm. Enjoy fresh fruit, veggies, flowers and tacos. Sing along with the mariachis in the big city, tour museums and cathedrals, pose beside monuments, dine at famous restaurants, relax and watch the plaza multitude. read more

Mexico City's Revolution Monument: Monumento a la Revolucion Anthony Wright

An icon in Mexico City, the Revolution Monument or Monumento a la Revolución is also known as the Arch of the Revolution. It is located on Plaza de la Republica between downtown Reforma and Insurgente... read more

Election 2000 Ron Mader

ELECTION 2000 Rate the Partys' webmaster skills before the 2000 elections Mexico's most important elections of the year (for President, Mayor of Mexico City, and Governors of Morelos... read more

Along Party Lines Karina Ioffee

No one had heard of Chiapas until January 1, 1994, when the EZLN seized government offices in the state capital of San Cristobal and five other surrounding towns. Now the Zapatistas are world re-known ... read more

Mexifornia, a State of Becoming by Victor Davis Hanson Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Although there's heavy duty immigration going on, there's not a whole lot of integration taking place. read more

The Leon Trotsky Museum - murder and Marxism in Mexico City John Mitchell

On a balmy summer evening in August 1940, a young man gained admittance to the study of Leon Trotsky's heavily guarded house near Mexico City. He asked Trotsky to read something he had written. While T... read more

Going beyond party websites in face of the 2000 elections Ron Mader

Mexico's upcoming elections in July will be scrutinized by everyone in the nation and the world, including the national and international press, academics, research institutions, and Mexican intellectu... read more

Twilight on the Line: Underworlds and Politics at the U.S. - Mexico Border by Sebastian Rotella Norton Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The action never stops at the border. There is no other place like it on the globe. The international boundary stretches for almost two thousand miles, from the Pacific Ocean through the mountains, the deserts, the valleys of the Rio Grande to the Gulf of Mexico. The region is a vast world unto itself. And the westernmost, fourteen-mile strip between San Diego and Tijuana, the border's biggest and richest cities, is the most intense microcosm of that world. The U.S. Border Patrol records half a million yearly arrests of illegal immigrants here, accounting for almost half of all its arrests. read more

Political stability and other impressions Discussion Thread Forum

A front page article in today's Wall Street Journal suggests that the political situation in Mexico is extremely turblulent and unstable. It also suggests that there may be politically related violence in Mexico, with the possible result a deterioration in confidence in the Mexican economy. Any comment?? read more
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