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Medtogo: Mexico Health and Safety Travel Guide Reviewed by James Tipton

The authors tell us that "Since 2000, MedToGo's team have been touring hospitals and developing relationships with highly-recommended, skilled, board-certified, English-speaking doctors all over Mexico." One of the results, certainly to be of interest to many travelers to Mexico as well as to the large expatriate community, is the Mexico Health and Safety Travel Guide. In addition to its "Comprehensive Directory of the Best Hospitals and English-Speaking Doctors," this well-organized and highly detailed (some 640 pages) reference is filled with lots of other useful information. read more

When Stings, Bites and Scratches from Animals and Insects Occur while in Mexico Robert & Curtis Page MD

Visitors to Mexico should be aware that problems may arise when bites, stings or scratches occur. We have reviewed the main causes below, along with suggestions for how to treat them. As always, when p... read more

Traveling With Heart Disease Robert & Curtis Page MD

If you travel, knowing what symptoms to watch for may be helpful. If you are a patient with heart disease, you should still be able to enjoy travel. Knowing your limits and what to ... read more

Sunburn And Sun Safety Robert & Curtis Page MD

Sunburn and Sun Safety By Robert H. Page M.D. and Curtis P. Page M.D. Authors, Mexico: Health and Safety Travel Guide © Robert H. Page M.D. and Curtis P. Page M.D. ... read more

Water Safety Robert & Curtis Page MD

If you are concerned with the quality of the water at your beach, we recommend you contact the tourism department for updated reports and avoid swimming in questionable waters. Mexi... read more

Water Crisis: Availability Of Water In Mexico Julia Taylor

"For many of us, water simply flows from a faucet, and we think little about it beyond this point of contact. We have lost a sense of respect for the wild river, for the complex workings of a wetland, for the intricate web of life that water supports."

- Sandra Postel, Last Oasis: Facing Water Scarcity, 2003.

read more

Pharmacies and Prescription Drugs Robert & Curtis Page MD

In recent years, thousands of North Americans have traveled to Mexico to purchase pharmaceuticals at a fraction of U.S. costs. While there are obvious benefits to this practice, there are and always wi... read more

Water Safety Robert & Curtis Page MD

If you are concerned with the quality of the water at your beach, we recommend you contact the tourism department for updated reports and avoid swimming in questionable waters. Mexico Beach Wate... read more

Have Crown, Will Travel Geri Anderson

Some of my friends and family are considering combining a vacation in Mexico with a trip to the dentist. While a dental vacation is an oxymoron, the idea does make sense. Dental work in Mexico is bound... read more

Seeing my Mexico surroundings Jenny McGill

I was able to see well enough to appreciate the Easter-basket beauty of the many different spring blossoms around Lake Chapala. With a clear, clean, robin-egg-blue sky as a background, the constantly changing tones of the mountains completed the mural of purple jacaranda, yellow primavera, magenta bougainvillea and the white and pink amapas trees. read more

Mexico - travelers's summary profile

This Page is mirrored with the permission of Shoreline, Inc., producer of Travel Health Online. To view more health and safety information for travel to any country in the world, please visit the... read more

Internet's online prescription for health Ron Mader

Although it's no joking matter to bring up "Montezuma's Revenge" while traveling in Latin America, more people than ever before are now talking about illness prevention and staying healthy. Luckily for... read more

Just south of the medical border Bruce K. Stampley

Just South of the Medical Border © 2005 Bruce K. Stampley,PhD World Traveler, Pilot,Writer, Scientist, JunkYard Philospher, Lover of Boats and Beer   It's just a sho... read more

In a Village Far from Home Reviewed by Allan Cogan

While living in Guadalajara, Ms. Finerty became acquainted with some Franciscan priests and also with some Huichol Indians who were associated with the Franciscans. Eventually she was invited to visit a Huichol village about a thirty minute flight from Tepic, high in the Sierras in Western Mexico. The only other way to reach this community — Jesús María — was by taking an eight day mule ride. The village wasn't even marked on the map. read more

On becoming a statistic: A story of two children in a Oaxaca hospital Jules Siegel

(Originally published in somewhat different form in The Mexico City News, November, 1982) Eli was sick a lot in Oaxaca. The air of the city of Oaxaca in those days was fecalized. Many people there sti... read more

Miscellaneous Medical Matters in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

An overview of different health questions for travelers and residents of Mexico, including blood transfusions, diabetes, chiropractors, med evac and assisted living. read more

The People's Guide to Mexico, 25th Anniversary Edition Reviewed by Allan Cogan

“This book is about Mexico - about living, travelling and taking things as they come in a foreign country. It’s about driving conditions and health and how to cross the border. It’s about drinking the water without getting sick… It’s not about which hotels to stay in or the most interesting villages to visit. The purpose of the book is to teach you how to find out those things for yourself.” read more

Inviting spas in Cuernavaca, Mexico "Mexico" Mike Nelson

The following information has been summarized and updated from my book, Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico. I recently had the hard duty of visiting three of Mexico's world-class spas. There are about a... read more
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