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Mexican motorcyclists and popsicles in Catemaco William B. Kaliher

I stepped to the front of the restaurant, near the screen, and turned around. From the darkened room, the worst motorcycle gang in southern Mexico stared back. Then I noticed these rough looking, leath... read more

Catemaco, Mexico: home to an eclectic group of international expats William B. Kaliher

The producer of Medicine Man, starring Sean Connery, found Los Tuxtlas, as did Mel Gibson when he filmed Apocalypto. Being the home of the mysterious Olmec civilization, which predated the Mayans, make... read more

Did tequila originate in the Mexican town of Amatitan, Jalisco? John Pint

All the world has been told that tequila, the drink was born in Tequila — the town located 45 kilometers northwest of Guadalajara — but is this really a fact? Curiously, the famed Tequila Express t... read more

Ajijic-Lake Chapala accomodations, hotels, restaurants, services

The lobby of the beautiful La Nueva Posada hotel Although Lake Chapala's north shore is quaint and beautiful, services are world class. From cozy B&Bs to gracious hotels and bungalows, the trave... read more

Flavors of Mexico's indigenous kitchens: the Purepecha of Michoacan Travis Whitehead

The Purepecha Indians throughout Michoacan have developed a tantalizing culinary heritage for centuries that still awakens the senses with its powerful aromas and flavors. In Uruapan, Morelia and other... read more

Dancing Alone in Mexico from the Border to Baja and Beyond by Ron Butler Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Here's a book of travel essays from a man who obviously admires this country. He's covered Mexico from coast to coast and from north to south in a criss cross journey that's well described here. Thus we get informed accounts of places like Cuernavaca, Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca, Mazatlan and so on, along with a lengthy look at Mexico City. But rather than simply giving us the usual guidebook account of a place, Butler finds all kinds of interesting facets and people, too, wherever he goes. Along the way you're also treated to history, politics and whatever attractions are available locally. read more

Oaxaca Journal by Oliver Sacks Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Oliver Sacks is obviously too seasoned a traveller and too astute an observer to confine himself to ferns. One encounters a host of pleasures as he ruminates on a variety of topics. He muses about the New World's contributions to civilization -cocoa, tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, chilies, gourds, pepper, maize, chewing gum, cochineal and exotic hallucinogens. In Monte Alban he considers the production of rubber which the Zapotec people used to make balls. read more

The proper way to eat a taco Discussion Thread Forum

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Mexico, don't be a sloppy taco eater. Wouldn't Eleanor, Abigail and Judith just die! Far cry as it is from the excruciatingly correct manners of these three deities, Fanny wants you to know that there IS a proper way to eat a taco: 1. First rule. Don't over stuff that tortilla. This is a fatal error. read more
Showing 1—8 of 8 results
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