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Did you know? Mexico is home to more than fifty hummingbird species Tony Burton

Who hasn’t been amazed by the acrobatic antics of hummingbirds? What stunt flyers! They are able to fly not only forwards, but backwards and even briefly upside-down. They can also hover for extended... read more

Malinalco: A fount of Mexico's history Rhonda Tranks

As you drive the winding road into town, you catch glimpses of it perched like an eagle's aerie on a ridge of the mountains that ring the valley. The small archaeological site, which overlooks Malinalc... read more

Guided tour at the La Paz Museum Wendy Devlin

During our Mexican travels, it was often said to us by veteran travelers to Mexico that one travels to the Baja for the "beaches" and that one goes to mainland Mexico for the "culture". That may be jus... read more
Showing 1—3 of 3 results
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