Lakeshore at Bungalows Koala

Gold trail to Santa María del Oro, Nayarit

Gold-colored walls line the main street through Santa María del Oro, Nayarit. Bumping along the cobblestones in our camper-van, we are following in the footsteps of the Spanish conquistadors. In 1504, the nephew of Hernán Cortés, Franciso Cortés de San Buenaventura came here, in search of gold. In 1530, the renegade conquistador, Nuño Beltrán de […]

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Photo: Casa Laguna ©2003 J. Reyes Laguna A. Guerrero No. 140 Barrio Las Cebollas, Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco

Mexican equipales: Seated through the ages in Zacoalco de Torres

Moctezuma ordered his special chair. Pedro Páramo, in Juan Rulfo’s award winning novel sat upon one. Both men enjoyed equipales, the rustic leather furniture found everywhere in Mexico. Equipales are still hand-manufactured in many parts of the country. However in Zacoalco de Torres, a small town south of Guadalajara, the tradition dates back to Pre-Hispanic times. By the […]

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Papelmalecho cow.Photography by Bill Arbon. © 2001

Discover the magic of papelmalecho in Tapalpa

Gallery: Discover the magic of papelmalecho in Tapalpa “Mexico has colorful folk art traditions,” says the diminutive woman in white, pointing to a series of papier mache creations. “Ours are always amiable or nice, like a pleasant dream.” Patricia Villalever flashes a smile and adds, “So when you write about us, more people can share […]

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Mexico’s popular sayings: A taste for dichos

Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk O.K. I admit it! I love ‘dichos’ (sayings or proverbs). Not, ‘nachos’ or ‘ponchos’, but dichos! Yes, those little nuggets of folk wisdom distilled down through generations of wise Mexicans. O.K. I developed a taste for sayings in English even before I found their equivalent in Spanish. You know […]

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Piñata Images Copyright © 1999 María Elena. All Rights Reserved Worldwide

History of the piñata

Most people think of piñatas as a fun activity for parties. The history of the piñata reveals many interesting facts that go beyond the playing of a game, although piñatas certainly have been intended for fun. Piñatas may have originated in China. Marco Polo discovered the Chinese fashioning figures of cows, oxen or buffaloes, covered with colored paper and adorned with […]

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