This diorama in Mexico City's Templo Mayor museum shows a Tenochtitlan market selling agricultural produce © Anthony Wright, 2013

A Tale of Three Cities: Mexico City, Teotihuacan and Tenochititlan

1. Mexico City On the way to Ecuador, I took a five-day diversion to Mexico City. As souvenirs, I picked up a stomach bug and a rather extreme case of sun-burn. Neither were timetabled, but both easily gained with the correct measure of self-neglect. I was respectively supported by a high altitude that increased the […]

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Small Oaxaca villages along the road to Sierra Guacamaya © Alvin Starkman, 2011

Ecotourism in Mexico: Arroyo Guacamaya, Ixtlan and the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca

Arroyo Guacamaya is one of the closest ecotourism sites to the City of Oaxaca, accessible by private vehicle in about an hour, or via public transportation. La Guacamaya has most if not all of the features and attractions of the more distant ecotourism locales in the Sierra Norte of Oaxaca, including mountain biking, nature trails […]

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In Catemaco, Veracruz, sorcerer's ceremonies generally blend indigenous rites and chanted prayers calling upon Catholic saints © Ayuntamiento de Catemaco, 2010 Veracruz town hosts the annual National Congress of Sorcerers: Image 1 of 7

Catemaco: Mexico’s cradle of sorcery and witchcraft

This Veracruz town hosts the annual National Congress of Sorcerers. Magic-filled stories abound in Mexico: curanderos claiming to cure illness with herbs and special oils and sorcerers insisting they can bring back straying spouses or cast evil spells on enemies. A Mexican union leader travelling to Africa to partake in a “black magic” ritual sacrificing a lion […]

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When Stings, Bites and Scratches from Animals and Insects Occur while in Mexico

Visitors to Mexico should be aware that problems may arise when bites, stings or scratches occur. We have reviewed the main causes below, along with suggestions for how to treat them. As always, when possible consult with a physician if first aid is not enough. Unlike other cuts or wounds, a human or animal bite […]

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Bus ride in Oaxaca

The bus ride from hell that I learned to love Oaxaca

“Is it always this bad?” I asked, panting in the heat. “Oh no! Sometimes it’s much worse,” the grandmotherly woman across the aisle assured me. “It can be much hotter…and a lot more crowded.” The battered bus was making torturously slow progress up a mountainous jungle highway. I was hot. I was cranky. I was […]

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