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The artist as activist: David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) Jim Tuck

With the possible exception of André Malraux, no individual associated with the arts has been involved in direct political action more than David Alfaro Siqueiros. Student agitator, soldier, leader of... read more

Acceptance of persons with disabilities Discussion Thread Forum

I will soon be making a trip to Merida. This will be a vacation/preliminary research trip as I am considering the possibility of moving to Mexico. My eighteen-year old child has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. We have a van with a wheelchair lift. So the ferry from Tampa to Progresso is attractive, as it would allow us to return to the USA for visits and take our van with us. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has knowledge or personal experience with the assimilation, inclusion of persons with disabilities into the Mexican culture.

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Spring-time boogie: From Oaxaca to California Stan Gotlieb

Misol-Ha, where the trail takes you behind the falls. Situated between the Mayan ruins at Palenque and the city of San Cristobal, in the highlands of Chiapas, this site has been developed as ejido (co-... read more

Sterilization of Indians in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

AYUTLA DE LOS LIBRES, Mexico - Jose Toribio, a Mixtec Indian from the Sierra Madre mountains, says he can't walk properly because of pain in his groin and left leg.

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Bringing donations: Clothing, tools, school supplies, etc. Discussion Thread Forum

We would like our children to visit a local school and we would like to bring some gifts to the school. Can anyone tell me what type of items would be most useful? We thought of solar calculators, writing instruments, early English readers, etc. but any ideas would be appreciated. Also, are clothes and other items (ideas?) appreciated as gifts in the hotels? read more

Rain, rain go away: Summer in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

Whether rain or shine, the protests in front of the government palace in Oaxaca go on. This banner, with likenesses of Ricardo Flores Magon and Emiliano Zapata, says "This paradise, this flag, this lan... read more

Mexican Etiquette and Ethics by Boye Lafayette de Mente Reviewed by Allan Cogan and Camille Collins

"The key to understanding the ‘Mexican Way’ of doing business is to recognize that business management in Mexico has traditionally been an application of cultural attitudes and customs - not the objective, pragmatic function that is associated with management in the United States and other practical-minded countries." read more

Crime and retirement in Mexico: a problem? Discussion Thread Forum

Update posted by Richard Ferguson February 4 2000 There are several web sites with security information for travelers and tourists. The ones that I am aware of are listed below. I urge people to rev... read more

Traffic control, Mexican style Stan Gotlieb

This picture was taken in the Sumidero Canyon, a man-made lake in Chiapas. The cliffs reach over half a mile in height in places. © Dan McWethy, 2000 Gringos call them "speed bumps". Mexicans nic... read more

Why am I laughing? Street clowns in Mexico Stan Gotlieb

Some days you have to laugh to keep from crying; some days you have to laugh, period. The following stories are true, but the names (and other details) have been changed to protect the author. read more

Mutual aid and survival in the mountains of Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

This road, graded to a high standard for gravel-based bituminous construction, was less than one year old when it washed out. Fortunately, there was still enough mountainside left to make a bypass. Man... read more

The crossing from Mexico ti the US, based on a true story Julie Black

Based on a true story.   By Julie Black © 1999 All Rights Reserved. Oh, Mexico, he thought to himself, the azure sky that meets the silhouette of red tiled roofs, central patios overflowing with t... read more

Green means food, red means starvation: Agriculture in Mexico's Mixteca Alta Stan Gotlieb

These bells were removed from the church at Santa Maria Tiltepec. An earthquake caused severe structural damage to the bell tower in June of 1999. Erosion caused the red gashes in the surrounding hills... read more

Mexico City taxi robberies Discussion Thread Forum

For tourists, perhaps the most serious crime problem in Mexico is taxi robbery in Mexico City. This problem is more or less unique to Mexico City, so many tourists are not aware of the problem. The governments of the US, UK, Canada, and Australia warn travelers of taxi robberies. I have also read several first person accounts of taxi robberies, via the internet and in the media. read more

Stay in Mexico, or go North to work? Every family's dilemma Stan Gotlieb

There are three sons missing from this family portrait. They have gone "North" to find work. Like most villages in southern Mexico, theirs depends on its' migrants for the money to buy food, clothing a... read more

The Oaxaca library: A project of, by and for the people Stan Gotlieb

Ruth Gonzalez, Librarian, in the front room of the Oaxaca Circulating Library, where she has worked for almost all the 35 years of its existence © Diana Ricci, 1999 For the English speaking commun... read more

Who is Subcomandante Marcos Discussion Thread Forum

This is not meant to be a political question, I know this may seem impossible, but I am looking for some factual info.

Last evening I saw a documentary by Nettie Wild entitled "A Place Called Chiapas." Wild is a Canadian filmmaker who spent eight or so months inside the Zapatista uprising and created a rather moving and even-handed film.

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Bring it with you when you come: Susan Trilling in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

Susana Trilling
In more than five years as an expatriate living in Oaxaca, I have forgotten much, learned a little, and been more amazed than bored. One of the things I think I have learned is that for most of us here in Paradise, what we get out of it depends a lot on what we bring with us. read more

Who's boss here, anyway? Stan Gotlieb

This picture appeared with an earlier article, "The Servant", about four years ago. The girl is still playing and singing along the "tourist walking street" in Oaxaca, as are a couple of her you... read more

Gringos helping to fight AIDS in Mexico Stan Gotlieb

Condon Mania, a project of the Frente Comun Contra SIDA (Common Front Against AIDS), sells health - and life - to hundreds of Mexican youth and adults every month. The Frente's major concern is slowing... read more

Increasing equity in Mexico: Discrimination in the world of international business Ilya Adler

Discrimination is an important moral concern for all of us. In the business world, the issue of discrimination goes beyond moral grounds. Although businesses’ main concern is profits, discrimination... read more

Home again, home again Stan Gotlieb

In the late summer of 1996, the weary traveler reflects on a long time spent away from home. (Pictured are the ruins at Yagul, near Oaxaca ). Photography by Diana Ricci Got my ticket in my pocket... read more

Drugs, rebellion, and Mexico's militarization Joe Cummings

Long-time travelers to Mexico will have noticed an increase in the presence of Mexican military units around the country, particularly roadblock inspection squads purportedly searching for drugs and we... read more

Bobby Vaughn's Black Mexico - The 29 Largely Afro-Mexican Communities in the Costa Chica Region Bobby Vaughn

(populations based on 1990 census) GUERRERO           ... read more
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