Harvest cornpatch soup: Sopa de milpa

Milpa means “cornfield,” and this soup incorporates not only corn, but a medley of other Tlaxcalan produce abundant at this time of year. Although fresh nopales are preferable, they are available canned in north-of-the-border supermarkets. This can be served as a first course at dinner, or makes an ideal autumn lunch or light supper, accompanied by a salad […]

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Refreshing Mexican rice beverage: Horchata de arroz

Horchata is one of the most common table drinks in Mexico, usually served in pitchers to accompany the main meal, and is classified as an agua, like many Mexican fruit drinks. In some areas, horchata is made with dried melon seeds instead of rice. The following recipe is adapted from Adela Fernandez’ La Cocina Tradicional Mexicana. […]

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Mexican chorizo and rice-stuffed artichokes © Karen Hursh Graber, 2015

Mexican chorizo and rice-stuffed artichokes: Alcachofas rellenas de chorizo y arroz

Cooking and draining the chorizo separately before mixing with the rice cuts down considerably on fat, and adding vegetables ups both fiber and flavor. Feel free to add other vegetables you have on hand, or to swap out the rice for cooked quinoa. Ingredients: 4 large artichokes, cleaned, steamed, and chokes removed, stems trimmed 2 […]

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Mexican amaranth-potato croquettes: Croquetas de papa con amaranto

This is an adaptation of a recipe provided by Gladys Zavaleta Ruiz in her collection, Cocina con Amaranto. Served with a salad, it makes a fine light supper, and is a good example of the many vegetarian main dishes that can be prepared with amaranth. Ingredients 2 lbs. potaoes, boiled 1/4 lb. manchego, chihuahua or […]

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Elote © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

Fresh corn pozole from southern Puebla: Elopozole de Tierra Caliente

In the northern and central parts of the state, southern Puebla is called ” tierra caliente” — hot land — although it can get chilly in winter, especially in the mountains. Most pozole is made with hominy-like corn kernels that have been dried then soaked, but this one is made with fresh corn, called elote, thus giving rise […]

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