Multi-tiered Infinity pools

Living well at the Hacienda Beach Club & Residences

There is no buzzing lobby. No long formidable hotel desk. No jostling line of people waiting to check in and out. Instead, there is the Hacienda’s Concierge desk, set in the open-air reception terrace, amidst stunning Old Mexico architecture and looking out on the almost unbelievably beautiful azure waters of the Sea of Cortez. And, […]

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The impact of currency exchange rates on your Mexican property

There is a way to protect yourself from currency fluctuations that may increase the cost of your property. The worldwide foreign exchange market is huge, with average daily turnover totaling approximately $3.2 trillion. In this industry, around 95% of all currency transactions are purely speculative, with the majority of trades being made by banks and […]

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Mi Pullman is a Mexican art nouveau home and a famous landmark in Chapala. Built in 1906 by architect Guillermo de Alba and restored by the author, it is seen here in it's ghastly shade of mustard! © Ros Chenery, 2010

Mi Pullman: remodeling a Mexican Art Nouveau townhouse III

To Part One:  Agreement to purchase Part Two:  Buying the house Now that the house was legally mine, I had to make some important decisions about how I would go about restoring the property. Alberto and I spent two exhausting weekends cleaning the house with the help of some hardworking guys who took the rubbish away, cleaned […]

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Rosalind Chenery and her beautiful art nouveau town house in Chapala, Mexico. © Arden Murphy, 2009

Mi Pullman: remodeling a Mexican Art Nouveau townhouse II

To Part One:  Agreement to purchase Part Three: Restoration, time to make decisions The first step on my journey to buy the Mi Pullman house had been achieved — the family had agreed to sell. However, the distance between agreeing to sell me the house and making the escritura was vast — I had no idea that the […]

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Where the Sky is Born: Living in the Land of the Maya

Cogan’s Reviews Where the Sky is Born: Living in the Land of the Maya by Jeanine Lee Kitchel Enchanted Island Press, Hawaii, 2004 Paperback, 217 pages Available from Amazon Books: Paperback And also on Kindle from at $9.99 Here’s another of those ‘coming to Mexico to live’  books – but with a difference. It’s not concerned with […]

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Lloyd Mexico Economic Report May 2004

Good year for investment Business reputations Property as an investment Revival in maquiladora industry Power projects Walmart strides forward Low tech solution to city water woes DaimlerChrysler buses The housing boom – a special report More mortgages Low-income homes Luxury homes Single personal identity code? Tequila week Train to the airport? Mail boxes etc Popeye […]

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