Street scene in Sayulita, a beach town on the Mexican Pacific coast © Christina Stobbs, 2012

Ask an old gringo about Mexico taxes, cars, health, welfare and vacations

Question: It is income tax time in the United States. How are taxes in Mexico? Answer: It depends on who you ask. I think property taxes are ridiculously low but services are a close match. I thought the annual tax on my Volkswagen was disproportionately high but the bug is now 14 years old and taxes are […]

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A Frida Kahlo doll wears the artist's characteristic indigenous dress © Alvin Starkman, 2012

Ask an old gringo about Frida Kahlo, Mexico contradictions, colorful protests

I repeat: Contrary to rumor, many years and extensive travels in Mexico do not qualify me as a know-it-all, A-1 infallible expert. I apologize if I have faked you out. I do try to answer all questions or redirect them to more knowledgeable sources. I thoroughly enjoy most exchanges with readers. I offer a few […]

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Spanish edition of The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz

Ask an old gringo about Octavio Paz, Mexico reforms, giant fish tank, price break

The format for “Ask an old gringo” is simple enough: Answer questions from Mexconnect readers if I think I know what I am talking about, and save some that might be of general interest to share with all of you. * * * * *Question: Who is/was Octavio Paz and what is the meaning of […]

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