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Clicking on the book title will take you to more about this book at People’s Guide to Mexico: Wherever you go… There You Are Carl Franz, Lorena Havens, Steve Rogers A different type of guidebook — anecdotal, instructive, personal and very informative/educational. It is written from a narrative or story telling point of view. […]

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Mexico, a Traveler’s Literary Companion

Cogan’s Reviews Mexico, a Traveler’s Literary Companion by C. M. Mayo I’ve reviewed over a hundred books for MexConnect. These have covered the gamut of topics, all related to this country – fiction, travel, history, living in Mexico, moving to Mexico, biographies, city profiles and a few volumes difficult to categorize. I thought I had […]

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Tribute Page from the Codex Mendoza

Homer and the Aztec muse in Mexican literature

It seems that one can never take anything for granted in the academic world, at least because there is always someone somewhere waiting to contradict everything that has been said previously. This is especially true of revisionist history. Of course new evidence and different ways of interpreting the “facts” of history may justify revising standard […]

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Was the Aztec’s Nahuatl literature a Spanish invention? Translation and evangelism

Like Saint Augustine in the 5th century we all know what time is until somebody asks us to define it exactly. Likewise, the idea of literature seems clear enough until we begin to ask people what they regard as literature. Is it Shakespeare, the Bible, the morning newspaper, or what? In a complex society such […]

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The archeological site of Coba in Yucatan was once a flourishing Maya city © Roger Cunningham, 2013

Mesoamerican epic poetry and saga: What is epic?

In Historia de la Literature Nahuatl (Mexico, D.F. 1971), the late Mexican scholar A. Garibay included a chapter entitled “Poesía Épica” (Epic Poetry) in which he gave a list of texts in Nahuatl (Classical Aztec) that he believed represented authentic Mesoamerican epic poetry and saga. Garibay was attacked on the grounds that he attempted to make the […]

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Aztec temples were brightly colored.

Translation, evangelism and Mexico’s classical Aztec literature

Several Mesoamerican researchers have recently cast doubt on the current interpretation of certain features of pre-Columbian cultures and their world outlook — in particular that of the Classical Aztecs and their literature. Revisionist history can represent an attempt to change an historical account for political or personal reasons. Or it can be a response to new […]

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