The 100-mile road which winds from Creel, elevation 7,500 feet, to Batopilas, 1,650 feet, is narrow and — at points — treacherous, especially in the last 30 or so miles. This part of Mexico's Copper Canyon is remote and rugged. © Geri Anderson 2001.

Living healthy in Mexico: Insurance, health care and Mexico’s medical tourism – a resource page

Some are surprised at the quality of health care in Mexico. But the climate, diet and openness to alternative therapies all contribute to healthy living. In addition, Mexico is recognized throughout Latin America as a leader in cutting edge medicine, with world class hospitals and health care professionals. For medical tourism, Mexico is the logical […]

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Travel and expat medical insurance in Mexico

Insurance can seem quite complicated. What is best for you and why? If you’re spending time in Mexico, can you take your medical policy with you? Or should you purchase travel insurance? Are there other alternatives? It all depends… What is admitted health insurance? In the insurance industry, “admitted” means “licensed, registered and permitted to […]

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