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Mexico, a Higher Vision: An Aerial Journey from Past to Present by Michael Calderwood Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is the first coffee-table book I ever reviewed and I have to say right off the bat that it's a winner. It is made up of some 200 photographs from all parts of Mexico - all of them taken from a high elevation, either an aircraft or mountaintop or, occasionally, a tall building. At first it sounds like a rather limited concept but in execution the "godlike" perspective works beautifully to highlight the uniqueness of this country. What this handsome volume delivers is a treasure trove of striking views of deserts, cities, villages, volcanoes, mountain ranges, desolate beaches, crowded beaches, jungles, individual buildings and other striking images. We look down on huge elaborate temple ruins in the midst of lush jungle or on abandoned haciendas in arid desert country, as well as on vast populated modern cities and luxury resorts. read more

The Mexican climate: A thumbnail guide David Eidell

One blazing Baja afternoon, I was sitting inside a palapa restaurant, directly in the airflow of a circulating air fan. The temperature was well over 100 degrees and the humidity was hovering around seventy-five percent. I was trying to work up enough courage to trudge a mile and a half to the beach, when suddenly a middle-aged couple breezed through the doorway. They were attired in crisp tennis whites, and seemingly stepped right out of an advertisement for a Rocky Mountain beer. "Nice day, isn't it?" the man tipped his hat in my direction. "Sure is" I grumbled. read more

Atlantis in Mexico: Part Two Wendy Devlin

Manzanillo, Colima is an important seaport since before the Spanish Conquest and a popular international tourist destination. The old, provincial port is also the western home for the Mexican navy. Dri... read more

Atlantis in Mexico: Part One Wendy Devlin

'Ships at a distance have everyone's wish on board.'   While in Canada, I surf the Internet, looking for sites and information about Mexico. Sometimes a check at a favourite site reveals something n... read more

Xalapa, Veracruz: city of flowers Allan Cogan

I’m puzzled as to why Xalapa hasn’t become more of a permanent residence for Americans and Canadians. Of the six cities my wife and I visited – Morelia, Cholula, Puebla, Xalapa, Vera Cruz and Queretero – Xalapa is for us the hands-down winner. read more

The geology and geography of Lake Chapala and western Mexico Jack Leyden

The following is a story concerning an ancient lake that covered a large area of the State of Jalisco and spread into Michoacan and Aguascalientes. This map is a visual portrayal of the lake superimpos... read more
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