Blue Demon takes on assorted bad guys in mano a mano lucha libre combat. © Anthony Wright, 2009 © Anthony Wright, 2009

Dining at the lucha libre: An unlikely seafood feast

Mexican Kitchen We’d always thought it would be fun to see the lucha libre, or “free fight,” that colorful form of professional wrestling wildly popular in Mexico. After many years in the country, my husband and I had bought countless wrestling dolls, wrestling masks, wrestling themed tee shirts, purses and refrigerator magnets for eager friends and family […]

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Fresh fruit for juices and agua fresca, a refreshing drink popular throughout Mexico. © Christina Stobbs, 2011

Mexican frozen treats: Helados, nieves and paletas

The long, nasal cry of the ice cream vendor reverberates throughout the mercado. On a busy market day, he has some serious competition from people hawking other wares, but he trundles along with his huge wooden containers, successfully drowning out many of the other vendors. “¡Nieve-e-e-e-e-s!” The Spanish word for snow, a general term for frozen treats in […]

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Chayotes in a street market resemble green pears © Daniel Wheeler 2009

Chayote: Squash dresses up for the holidays

Mexican Kitchen In the fall, my culinary thoughts inevitably turn to Thanksgiving. Although it is not celebrated as a legal holiday in Mexico, it is called El Día de Acción de Gracias, and some of my fondest holiday memories are of the Thanksgiving dinners put together by the American faculty members at the university where I worked […]

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Tehuana Mamas Cook Up Magic: Food and Fiestas in the Isthmus

Mexican Kitchen Perhaps the most distinctive characteristic of Oaxaca is the tremendous difference between one region of the state and another. The sierras which crisscross it form natural boundaries between enclaves of culture which have existed since pre-Hispanic times. One of the most unique and charismatic of these is a group known as istmeños, inhabitants of the […]

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Beef = Res Sirloin = Aguayon Chuck = Diezmillo Round steak = Pulpa Pork = Puerco Loin = Lomo de cerdo Spareribs = Costillitas Chops = Chuletas de puerco Smoked pork chops = Chuletas ahumadas Pigs feet = Manitas Lamb = Carnero Leg of lamb = Pierna de carnero Loin chops = Chuletas de carnero […]

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A man carries home a very fresh fish in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca © Geri Anderson,1999

Cooking in Puerto Escondido: Fish and fruit from Mexico’s tropics

Mexican Kitchen Two of the biggest buzzwords in today’s media-dominated culinary world are “fresh” and “local,” and on a recent visit to Mexico’s southern Pacific coast, we found the food to be both. Taking advantage of the region’s abundant fresh ingredients, we shopped, cooked and ate our way through the beach town of Puerto Escondido. […]

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