Did you know? Mexico is home to more than fifty hummingbird species

Who hasn’t been amazed by the acrobatic antics of hummingbirds? What stunt flyers! They are able to fly not only forwards, but backwards and even briefly upside-down. They can also hover for extended periods. When heard close-up, the rapid flapping of their wings (about 80 times a second) produces the characteristic humming sound that gives […]

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Wild Turkey, Meleagris gallopavo Painting by John James Audubon, 1830

The Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey originated in Mexico as did several other festive foods

Strange but true; the bird now so closely associated with many festive meals is a direct descendant of the wild turkeys still found in many parts of Mexico. How is it possible that a Mexican bird acquired the name turkey? Turkey The most likely explanation derives from the fact that the merchants who traded in […]

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Cozy cabins in Mazamitla Tony Burton, 2008

Mazamitla, a Mexican mountain town revisited

An old gringo and his still-lovely bride returned to Mazamitla the other day after several years in other exciting places. The intriguing mountain town, one of Mexico’s pueblos mágicos, seemed much as we remembered but the approach was startling — cabañas everywhere with workers rushing to complete more. Never would I have expected to find […]

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Wildlife of the Yucatan Peninsula: The Explorer Family’s Guide and Journal

Wildlife of the Yucatan Peninsula: The Explorer Family’s Guide and Journal By David Nuñez and Adriana Zepeda Mawacos, 2011 Available from Amazon Books: Paperback This little book is just the right size to tuck into your glove compartment or even into a large shirt pocket. Wildlife of the Yucatan Peninsula: The Explorer Family’s Guide and Journal is a collection, […]

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Cabo Pulmo on Baja California Sur's Sea of Cortés has several competing dive shops, with similar priced offerings and confusingly similar names.

Cabo Pulmo: from beaches and baskets to mines, music and marine park (part two)

To Part 1 Cabo Pulmo We arrive in Cabo Pulmo as the sun is setting, relieved to finally find the end of the initially paved, then dirt access road, which has been bounded by barbed wire ever since we caught our last clear views of the coast near La Ribera. At intervals behind the barbed […]

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The beach

Rincon de Guayabitos revisited: the major sights nearby

“An earlier article on the easy-going beachside town of Guayabitos focused on the services the town offers and on activities within easy walking distance. Most people staying more than a few days begin to get itchy feet and wonder if there is anywhere worth visiting a little further afield. This article suggests some possible side-trips […]

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