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Huellas Santa Cecilia Dale Hoyt Palfrey

November is a festive month here in Ajijic, beginning with the celebrations of All Saints Day and Day of the Dead, and ending with the feast of the village's patron, San Andrés. Invariably the most l... read more

Day of the Dead: things to do around Guadalajara Dale Hoyt Palfrey

In response to all the positive feedback on my Day of the Dead article, here are a few related activities you might pursue in the Guadalajara - Lake Chapala area during late October - early November. I... read more

Tarzana, my Mexican parakeet Nadine Rivera

Excerpt from a work in progress "Have Pets, Will Travel" Curiosity can kill a cat, but in my case, it got me a parakeet. When I first arrived in Mexico, everything fascinated me. In this particular c... read more

Dolores Hidalgo: Mexico's Cradle of Independence - September 15, 1810 Geri Anderson

As you walk toward the main square from the bus terminal in Dolores Hidalgo, it's hard to imagine the impassioned frenzy that heated this Mexican village on September 15, 1810. Here, on the balcony of his home, the town's beloved priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, yelled "El Grito de Dolores," the Cry of Independence. It was a cry that changed the history of North America, and, indeed, the world. read more

Shopping in Mexico: the tianguis Susan Zimmerman

The Aztecs called it tianquiztli, Nahuatl for the marketplace". Modern Mexicans refer to it as the tianguis, mercado sobre ruedas ("market on wheels" - a term used mostly in Mexico City), ... read more

Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua; a village of potters Michael Allan Williams

Northern Mexico often gets short shrift in the tourist literature. Several guidebooks recommend one blast south as quickly as possible because there is "nothing but empty desert in Chihuahua, Coahuila or Nuevo Leon." Au contraire!

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The prettiest zocalo in Mexico, and other plazuela wanderings Discussion Thread Forum

Whenever I'm travelling in Mexico and I arrive in a new town, the first thing I want to see is la plaza de armas, the heart of almost every Mexican village, town or city. The way it is laid out, maintained and used tell me more in a few moments than I'm likely to learn in hours of exploring the town itself. I always favor hotels on or near the zócalo and, after dinner, I'm inclined to find a bench to just sit and watch the swirl of humanity in the warm evening light.

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Be careful, Miss Geri: climbing the bell towers in San Luis Potosi Geri Anderson

What a thrill it would be to climb to the uppermost bell of this magnificent cathedral, I thought. read more

San Luis Potosi: a brief overview Geri Anderson

Situated about 300 miles north of Mexico City at an elevation of 6,200 feet, San Luis Potosi doesn't suffer the high summer temperatures and humidity of coastal areas. Although it's out of the Colonial Circle of cities such as San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Morelia, and Patzcuro, SLP, too, is rich with colonial architecture and history.

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Patzcuaro: the soul of Michoacan's Meseta Purepecha jennifer j. rose

Texas has the Alamo, New York has its Empire State Building, but only Michoacan has Patzcuaro. Every travel poster extolling Michoacan has a shot of fisherman wielding the famous butterfly net. Look closely, and you'll spy a tiny cone-shaped island, topped by a statue of Jose Maria Morelos, hand reaching to the sky. That's Patzcuaro's jewel: Janitzio. read more

Mineral de Pozos: a Mexican ghost town reawakens

Nestled between the hills and clouds at 7,500 ft. above sea level and only 25 miles from San Miguel Allende, is Pozos, Guanajuato. This once opulent colonial city lived through several gold bonanzas ... read more

Bus travel: Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara Mexico Data On-Line

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by Ann Bice on June 29, 1997 We are planning to check out the Guad-Lake area for potential retirement-it sounds too good to be true. Anyway, we can g... read more

Boating on Lake Chapala Discussion Thread Forum

We've thoroughly enjoyed reading this site recently and now have another question. With a lake the size of Lake Chapala there must be pleasure boating but haven't found much info. We're thinking about bringing a boat or buying there. Does anyone know about marinas, boats for sale, boating activities, living aboard, etc.? Any help is appreciated...

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Bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca Discussion Thread Forum

I need to arrange for bus tickets for 7 people from Mexico City to Oaxaca on the morning of the 21st of December. I've heard that the "Uno" is the one to take and I'd like to make reservations for the 7 of us in advance. Is it possible to do this and if so, how? And if you're really familiar with the buses, how much?

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Johnny's Beach on Baja's Golfo de Santa Clara John Howells

The ubiquitous land crab — about the size of the palm of a hand © Barbara Sands, 2010 "If you've ever traveled the mainland side of the Sea of Cortez, just south of the town of El Golfo de Santa... read more

Wandering through Nayarit Camille Collins

Nayarit is still one of Mexico's best kept secrets. Here you will find rich traditions, beautiful beaches, and "secret places" to discover for yourself. If you are planning a trip to explore Nayarit, y... read more

Between Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende: Pozos, Atotonilco and Hacienda Taboada Tony Burton

Brown, arid hillsides barely visible in a distant haze. Isolated green cacti with contorted, knotted arms, coarse, spiny fingers and bright red, seemingly nailpolished fruits set against an endless tan... read more

Inviting spas in Cuernavaca, Mexico "Mexico" Mike Nelson

The following information has been summarized and updated from my book, Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico. I recently had the hard duty of visiting three of Mexico's world-class spas. There are about a... read more

Off the beaten path: beaches on Mexico's Pacific Coast Geri Anderson

Squatting on the rocky cliff high above the bay, two young boys watched the man below who, knee deep in water, held his net ready. Suddenly, the boys yelled and pointed to a school of fish swimming beh... read more

The cuisine of Nayarit Camille Collins

The following is a quick guide to the cuisine of Nayarit. This guide was discovered by Conner and adapted from the original Spanish version by Camille. There are several foods listed for which there ar... read more

The San Marcos Fair in Aguascalientes, and what to do afterwards Tony Burton

The San Marcos Fair, held from the second week in April to the first week of May each year, attracts thousands of visitors from all over Mexico and the United States. It dates back to 1604 when a small indigenous Indian settlement, San Marcos, was founded within walking distance of the growing Spanish city of Aguascalientes. The fair's religious origins, long forgotten, have given way to a lively, colorful three week spectacular, in which bullfights, folkloric dancing, mechanical games, cockfights, cultural events and merrymaking all compete for visitor's attentions.

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Pets into Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by LittleCrow on May 29, 1997: What are the laws regarding taking a pet dog into Mexico? Must they be quarantined as in other countries? Posted by Ern... read more

Mexico Highway Maps, Driving from Nogales to Uruapan Discussion Thread Forum

Hi, my family and I are traveling to Mexico in a few weeks. We are entering through Nogales and traveling to Uruapan, Michoacan. read more

The hidden places of Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

Oaxaca's zócalo, with facade of presidential palace in background, is a pleasant place to spend the afternoon.
© Dan Ellsworth, 2009
Mexico is a place where much is hidden. Things go on close to the surface, but not on it. It makes for a sometimes frustrating, always engaging experience. read more

Oaxaca... magic city Allan Cogan

Believe me, Oaxaca is not quite like any other town you’ve ever been to. Even in Mexico. read more
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