Mexico: A Higher Vision

Mexico, a Higher Vision: Excerpts from the Prologue by Carlos Fuentes

Cogan’s Reviews To see Mexico from the air is to look upon the face of creation. Our everyday, earthbound vision takes flight and is transformed into a vision of the elements. This book is a portrait of water and fire, of wind and earthquake, of the moon and the sun. For it is we – […]

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Damage from Mexico City’s 1985 earthquake. Photo: Tony Burton; all rights reserved

The 1985 Mexico City earthquake: an excerpt from “Shooter”

Shooter: Network slang for a cameraman A book in progress by Bob Dutru Being a “shooter” was “A Job” that kept me nervous, excited, slightly off balance most of the time; kept my adrenaline pumping; took me in luxury and squalor to places that in my wildest imaginings I never dreamed I’d ever go to; […]

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