Combustión / Cumbustion

Mexican painter Gabriela Epstein: color, form and energy

What started as a hobby for painter Gabriela Epstein has grown into an essential part of her existence. “It’s everything to me,” she says, describing art as her profession and source of income, but also as something instinctual that serves as a form of therapy and channel of expression for her. Epstein started down the […]

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Serpents writhe on a fierce horned mask by Tonala artisan Prudencio Guzman. He names this design "The Death of Ambition." Costumed Tastoanes in frightening masks battle Saint James in a ritual dance each year on July 25th. © Kinich Ramirez, 2006

Wandering warriors: the Tastoan masks of Prudencio Guzman

As a boy, Prudencio Guzmán Rodríguez was haunted by the mysterious characters known as Tastoanes, who are part of a tradition that spans more than a century in the municipality of Tonalá, Mexico, where he grew up. The Tastoanes would come to Guzmán in a recurring dream, in which he was walking down the street […]

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Jorge Wilmot ceramic

Mexican master ceramist Jorge Wilmot: the interval between before and after

“I am from Mexico, but it is like (being) from another country that no longer exists,” says famed potter Juan Jorge Wilmot Mason. Born in Monterrey 77 years ago, Wilmot eventually made his way to his long-time residence of Tonalá in the late 1950s. He says that Tonalá had far fewer inhabitants back then and […]

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Amada Lunita Beloved Little Moon

The vibrant voyages of Mexican artist H. Ramírez

“For me, art means freedom of internal expression, which is everything for me.” Drenched in color, the paintings of Chihuahua artist H. Ramírez pulse with energy and emotion. These elements form the core of Ramírez’s work; his very brushstrokes are informed by the artist’s inner sentiments. “For me, art means freedom of internal expression, which […]

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A million meanings: the art of Mexican painter Raul Lopez Garcia

For artist Raúl López García, it is the language of his subconscious that manifests itself in his paintings. “About two years ago, I realized that I wasn’t inventing anything, but that I was simply transporting my own experiences to a canvas,” says Raúl, who uses just his first name in connection with his artistic endeavors. […]

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the pineapple pottery of Hilario Alejos Madrigal

A family tradition in Michoacan: the pineapple pottery of Hilario Alejos Madrigal

Where others see a mass of shapeless clay, Hilario Alejos Madrigal envisions exquisite forms that are just waiting to be coaxed out. And it is this creativity that has played a key role in the success of this award-winning potter. “It is necessary and very important to have an imagination,” Alejos explains. “A lot of […]

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