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Ask an old gringo about tax cuts, wind farms, Alebrijes and egg sandwiches Marvin West

The alebrije is a uniquely Oaxacan variety of Mexican folk art. This one depicts a rabbit. © Alan Goodin 2007
Mexico is a very interesting country. If anything hasn’t already happened here, it soon will. Nowhere else in the world are people protesting because taxes are going down. $207 million USD has gone missing. Giant Alebrijes are roaming the streets, and egg sandwiches are missing from grocery stores. read more

Mexico finds new gold - with 4 wheels Marvin West

Mexico is now the North American leader in car assembly and export. The Mexico auto industry is booming, a stunning development of world significance. Assembly plants that popped up all around are now expanding. Nearby are convenient parts suppliers, tool shops and even tire manufacturers... read more

In Mexico, Baja beckons expats Patti Morrow

Married, single, young, old, with kids in tow, retired or entrepreneurs — Baja Mexico is enticing expats with its promise of a better lifestyle. The choices are unlimited. The colorful culture of col... read more

Mexican microeconomics: The Tuesday market in San Miguel de Allende John Scherber

Like a shimmering mirage that lasts only until your next blink, the Tuesday Market, or tianguis, appears once a week at dawn, assembled upon a vast windswept concrete slab near the parking lot of the S... read more

In Mexico, legal software must be part of corporate export strategies to the United States Kiyoshi Tsuru

Skyline of Mexico City's upscale Santa Fe neighborhood
© Anthony Wright, 2011
The US is an important market for the Mexican manufacturer. However, when planning to export goods, cultural differences cam come into play, and it is crucial to understand them. read more

A young Canadian entrepreneur finds her niche in Mexico real estate and travel Mexconnect Staff

While many leave Mexico to seek their fortune North of the Border, for a number of expats, Mexico is a land of opportunity. In addition, beautiful landscapes, the warmth of the people here and year-round sunshine just make it better. Mexico is attracting thousands of retirees from the US, Canada and farther afield. For a young woman from British Columbia, these expats became a part of her opportunity. read more

Strong yen driving Japanese automakers to Mexico

Once again, Mexico is proving to be a "no brainer" when it comes to automotive manufacturing for the North American market — with automakers from all corners of the globe setting up shop in the country, including: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Nissan, WV and Toyota, as well as heavy truck manufacturers Dina, Navistar, Kenworth, Daimler, Volvo, Isuzu and Scania. read more

Cultural differences and clarity in Mexico's business world Ilya Adler

When U.S. executives are sent to Mexico, they soon hear that Mexicans are "indirect" and "will not give you a straight answer, "especially if what needs to be communicated is unpleasant." Thus, the gen... read more

December holidays in Mexico: celebrating while cutting business costs Daniel G. Little

For companies doing business in Mexico, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12th is a bigger celebration than Christmas Day. During these difficult economic times I have had many enquiries a... read more

Questions on hiring in Mexico Daniel G. Little

Why do so many of my employees have the same names? This is a question that I hear a lot. It can be a little confusing at first when it seems as if a lot of your employees share the same surname. It d... read more

Severance pay for workers in Mexico Daniel G. Little

In Canada and the United States, it is fairly straightforward to downsize our employee base during a downturn in the economy. Employees have unemployment insurance to cushion the change. But in Mexico, the law protects the worker. read more

Canada's Embassy and Consulates in Mexico

Points of Service in Mexico (see below) Embassy Mexico City (D.F.) - Embassy of Canada Consulates Monterrey (Nuevo León) - Consulate General of Canada Guadalajara (Jalisco) ... read more

Reducing labour cost in a Mexican LLC Daniel G. Little

Why focus on a labour savings in a country where the labour cost is so low? read more

Growing pains: New factory construction in Mexico Daniel G. Little

We had a lot of new business coming in and no room left. It was time to build our second facility in Mexico. After a lengthy negotiation, we purchased a good piece of property on fairly level ground. ... read more

Bad news : Seeking concrete solutions to a cultural attitude Daniel G. Little

I found that the reluctance to communicate bad news was not a trait of our Mexican employees alone, but I did find that it was more prevalent there. read more

A personal experience with union negotiations in Mexico Daniel G. Little

Our manufacturing operation in Mexico was in trouble and we had to make a lot of changes quickly to rescue the business... read more

Teaching English Overseas: A Job Guide for Americans and Canadians Reviewed by James Tipton

Latin America is a really enormous TEFL market, with tens of thousands of jobs available every year in language schools, binational centers and universities…. read more

How To Make Teaching English In Mexico A Reality, Part 1 Julia Taylor

Teaching English in Mexico is an enriching experience that will allow you to get to know Mexico more deeply than you would by just traveling. It can also offset much of the cost of a long-term stay. Bu... read more

How To Make Teaching English In Mexico A Reality - Part 2 Julia Taylor

Marketing Yourself So once you are in your new home town how do you impress the directors of the local language schools? First of all, it is important to remember that while this is a big adventure fo... read more

Moving Here Permanently? Alvin Starkman

Transporting your worldly possessions into Mexico is both an art and a science, even more so if you intend to do so on your own… truck and all. Then the task also becomes a challenge and an adventure... read more

Mexican history: a brief summary Mexico Data On-Line

Native Mexican Americans first settled along what used to be the shores of shallow lake Texcoco, present day Mexico City, in 1500 BC. By the early 1300 AD, the Aztecs established roots on an Island in ... read more

Business entry into Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

A. BUSINESS VISITOR: A business visitor is a person who is involved in any of the following: research and design - market research business transactions for manufacturing and production (m... read more

Maquiladora Mexico Data On-Line

The Mexican Assembly Program was started over 25 years ago in response to a private sector initiative designed to alleviate a high unemployment problem along the border with the United States. This was... read more

General information on Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Mexico, the United Mexican States (in spanish Estados Unidos Mexicanos), is a federal republic situated in North America. It is bounded on the north by the United States; on the east by the U.S.... read more

Taxes in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

The Mexican tax system has been subjected to comprehensive tax reform legislation, enacted principally in 1986 and 1988. The dramatic changes are an attempt to make it compatible with the tax systems o... read more
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