Mexico City's urban sprawl extends to the mountains that ring the Valley of Mexico. © Anthony Wright, 2009

First Stop in the New World by David Lida: an interview with the author

Available from Amazon Books: Hardcover “Mexico City offers us a mirror of our urban prospects, and Americans ignore its example somewhat at their peril.” Mexico City has long exercised a fascination for writers of varying foreign stripes — Graham Greene, Aldous Huxley, Jack Keruoac, D. H. Lawrence, William S. Burroughs, B. Traven; not to mention Latin […]

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Mexican director, Antonio Zavala Kugler on the set of the movie Las Paredes Hablan © Hana Matsumoto, 2012

Las Paredes Hablan: Local Mexican film goes tripping through time

By its very nature, a film in which a house narrates the story and the story spans three separate historical periods over 300 years — a century apart — must be lauded, firstly, for its narrative ambition. Las Paredes Hablan, a new Mexican production, is that film. Its director, Antonio Zavala Kugler, acknowledges that the movie takes […]

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Janelle Lynch: Los Jardines de Mexico

Photographer Janelle Lynch launches book contemplating Mexico’s nature in repose

New Yorker Janelle Lynch, at a relatively young age, has garnered international recognition over the last decade for her large-format photographs of urban and rural landscapes in which the human form is loath to figure. Landscapes devoid of human activity or, if depicted at all, reminiscent of a corrosive delineation, typify Lynch’s oeuvre — and […]

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Down and Delirious in Mexico City by Daniel Hernandez © Anthony Wright, 2011

Down and Delirious in Mexico City: Memoir by Daniel Hernandez digs deep into youth culture

Mexican-American author Daniel Hernandez has hit a fresh nail on an old head by exploring different youth cultures in Mexico City. Youth is a favored subject for a modern mass media obsessed with this demographic, and one would think the market was pretty well saturated by this point. Moving rapidly from an emerging subculture in […]

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