Zapotec Funeral in Oaxaca

A Zapotec funeral, Oaxaca, Mexico

“Would you like to carry the casket?” I blinked vacantly, thinking perhaps the 104-degree heat was melting my brain-or maybe my shaky Spanish was failing me (that seemed more likely). “¿Como?” I asked, scarcely believing my ears. The young Zapotec Indian straining under the load motioned again to the small coffin. “Would you like to help carry […]

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Bus ride in Oaxaca

The bus ride from hell that I learned to love Oaxaca

“Is it always this bad?” I asked, panting in the heat. “Oh no! Sometimes it’s much worse,” the grandmotherly woman across the aisle assured me. “It can be much hotter…and a lot more crowded.” The battered bus was making torturously slow progress up a mountainous jungle highway. I was hot. I was cranky. I was […]

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