Mexico’s wild mushrooms, gifts of the rainy season: Huitlacoche

Although rainy weather is an unpleasant thought, if not anathema, to those hoping for a little summer vacation sun-and-fun, the rainy season is one of my favorite times of the year here in central Mexico. Perhaps this is because there is such a long dry spell that by the time the rains come, they are […]

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Frijoles borracho

Cooking with cerveza: Mexican beer flavors autumn dishes

The phrase “Mexican beer” can bring to mind sipping an ice cold Corona on the beach, enjoying a michelada cocktail on a leafy plaza, or sharing the seasonal Noche Buena brew with friends during the winter holidays. In any case, the quality of Mexican beer is recognized and appreciated throughout the world. Fermented beverages have been made […]

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Pomegranate. Credit: Tony Burton.

Pomegranates: September’s Gift To Mexican Cuisine

In Mexico, September is called el mes de la patria, the time when Independence is observed with a month-long celebration of Mexican identity, a significant part of which is the food. One of the most popular national dishes is chiles en nogada, a tri-colored culinary tribute to Mexico’s flag: green chiles, white walnut sauce and red pomegranate seeds. Invented […]

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Immigrant cooking in Mexico: The Mennonite kitchens of Chihuahua

In recent years, immigration has become a topic of intense focus, not only in the United States and Mexico, but worldwide. Although generally seen as a political question, there is no doubt that the movement of immigrants also falls into the cultural realm, of which cuisine is a significant part. Much of the history of […]

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Huazontle resembles elongated broccoli © Daniel Wheeler, 2010

Mexico’s Aztec spinach is healthy, fresh and local: Can you say huazontle?

The year was 1987, and the walk through the Cholula tianguis, or outdoor street market, was our first. In those days, we were unfamiliar with so much of the produce, and our comments that day on the “crazy looking Mexican broccoli” were directed at huazontle, a green having little to do with broccoli except the appearance of similar small […]

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An interview with Karen Hursh Graber

You can find Karen Hursh Graber’s contributions in many places in MexConnect. She’s a regular contributor with her monthly cooking column, “The Mexican Kitchen”. She also contributes to the food department, “The Cuisines of Mexico”. And she also assists with the web-site’s Food Forum. Here, Kitty, (as she’s known to her friends) came out of […]

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"Apples piled in a "monton" © Daniel Wheeler, 2009

September in the Mexican sierra: an abundance of apples

Although there is a tendency to think of Mexican fruit in terms of tropical varieties like mango and guava, apples do well in the higher elevations of Mexico, and are valued for their flavor, shelf life, and nutritional properties. The journey of apples to Mexico was part of the long relationship between apples and humans, […]

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