Beautiful yet deadly: The Fire Volcano threatens the City of Colima (Population 130,000) with a Mount-Saint-Helen's-type explosion. © John Pint, 2012

La Maria: A picturesque crater lake in the shadow of Colima’s Fire Volcano

Beneath the high walls of an ancient crater, you glide across the placid lake in a rowboat, mesmerized. “This is surely the most peaceful place in all Mexico and definitely one of the most beautiful,” you tell yourself. But just beyond those protective crater walls rises one of the most dreaded forces of nature: an […]

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The cuisine of Colima: Tropical delights from Mexico’s Pacific coast

Bordering on the Pacific Ocean, and nestled up against against Jalisco and Michoacan, the small state of Colima enjoys the best of both culinary worlds: the ocean’s bounty of fresh seafood, and the typical ranch dishes of Western Mexico. In addition, it boasts a legacy of over 3,000 years of continuous civilization, and the attendant […]

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Manzanillo: Bustling port? Quiet resort? Or both?

Manzanillo. Most people can’t pronounce it, have no idea where it is, don’t know what the city has to offer, and can’t figure out how to get there. Manzanillo (pronounced mahn-san- nee-yoh), is the largest shipping port on the western coast of Mexico, located 165 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, or roughly midway between Matzatlan and […]

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