Destiladeras, Lo de Marcos and Playa Los Venados: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera

The one hundred and eight mile (290 kilometer) coast of Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit extends from upscale Nuevo Vallarta to the historic, beach town of San Blas. Well, officially the Riviera Nayarit extends all the way to the miles long, truly deserted Playa Novillera at the far north end of the state of Nayarit, but I […]

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Trees hide Playa Las Cuevas from the road, making this beach on the Nayarit Riviera a hidden gem © Christina Stobbs, 2012

Playa del Naranjo, Playa Las Cuevas, Alta Vista and the Nuevo Ixtlan Hot Springs: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera

North of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera coast has a wealth of beaches to discover and enjoy. Their cool blue waters, warm sand and exuberant vegetation invite the explorer to linger a while. Each beach is truly a hidden gem set amid the green jungle vegetation. Playa del Naranjo, a picture-perfect, escapist beach on the Nayarit Riviera awaits […]

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