Children frolic on th beach of Mexico's beautiful Jaltemba Bay. © Christina Stobbs, 2011

Easter in Jaltemba Bay, Mexico: Semana Santa is a family affair

Semana Santa is a significant Christian holiday in Mexico, celebrating the last week of Christ’s life before his crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. However, here in Jaltemba Bay, the celebration of the holiday is akin to a family-friendly Mardi Gras. Jaltemba Bay includes the small, friendly and delightful beach towns […]

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Jaltemba Bay is a quaint, friendly and welcoming vacation destination comprised of four charismatic beach towns on Mexico's Pacific Coast. © Christina Stobbs, 2012

Exploring Jaltemba Bay in Mexico: A vacation destination on the Nayarit Riviera

Jaltemba Bay is a quaint, friendly and welcoming vacation destination comprised of four charismatic beach towns on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. It’s located on Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit; just a little off the beaten path, but worlds away from the movie star glamour of other Nayarit beach towns like Punta Mita, where Lady Gaga was recently spotted […]

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Tropical restaurant in a Mexico beach town © Christina Stobbs, 2013

Busing it in Mexico: What’s not to love?

I adore travelling Mexico by bus. Mexico’s bus system offers travelers an economical, efficient and effective means to explore the entire country. The routes are highly organized and the connections are timely. Busing it in Mexico offers vacationers a remarkable opportunity to see not just the prime tourist destinations including all the fabulous beach resorts and colonial […]

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La Peñita de Jaltemba on the coast of the Mexican Pacific means "Place on the sandy shore, across from the cliff." Its beach is frequented by fisherman at the main entrance. © Christina Stobbs, 2009

La Peñita de Jaltemba: Mexico beach with a turtle sanctuary

La Peñita de Jaltemba means “Place on the sandy shore, across from the cliff.” Its beach is not the most beautiful in this area. One might say it is a little rough around the edges, being frequented by fisherman at the main entrance, and with a crumbling cemetery on the far north end. That said, […]

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The pristine beach of Playa Los Tortugas is one of the most beautiful and romantic on the Nayarit Riviera. © Christina Stobbs, 2012

Playa Las Tortugas, Playa Platanitos and San Blas: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera

Beautiful beaches abound all along Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera. Here are two more gorgeous hidden gems and a historic beach town. Playa Los Tortugas is an exquisite five-mile stretch of beach on the coast of Nayarit in the still unspoiled area of Boca de Chila. This portion of the coast is often referred to as Costa […]

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Color is everywhere in Sayulita, making the town a cheerful place for relaxing and enjoying life © Christina Stobbs, 2012

Sayulita: A quintessential Mexico beach town on the Riviera Nayarit

This charming little beach town located on Pacific Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit, is only a forty-minute drive north of Puerto Vallarta. Sayulita has exploded in popularity as an alternative beach vacation destination during the past few years and celebrity sightings are becoming rather common place. You just know that Sayulita is special, even before arriving, because […]

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Playa Los Ayala is beach bliss, without the glitz or glamour! © Christina Stobbs, 2012

El Monteon, Punta Raza, Playa Los Ayala and Playa Friederas: Hidden gems on Mexico’s Nayarit Riviera

It’s all about being alone! The beaches of El Monteon and Punta Raza are two of my preferred Mexico beaches on the Riviera Nayarit because they are both well, off the beaten path, undeveloped and truly pristine. I love a hidden gem of a beach that I can call my own, at least for a […]

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Whale watching, Ayala © Christina Stobbs, 2009

Your beach of dreams: nine towns on the Nayarit coast of Mexico

Are you looking for a unique and affordable vacation experience far from the world of all-inclusive resorts? Would you like to experience authentic Mexico at the same time? Then head right on down to the Riviera Nayarit! Here you can enjoy exploring gorgeous tropical beaches, dine on fresh seafood, and satiate yourself with papayas and […]

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