View of Parque Fundidora from atop Blast Furnace. © 2024 Allan Wall

Monterrey’s Fundidora Park showcases city’s industrial heritage

As readers of MexConnect are no doubt aware, Mexico has a great variety of tourist attractions of various types. There are the pre-Hispanic ruins, Spanish colonial architecture, churches and cathedrals, government buildings, battlefields, fortresses, houses of famous people, museums, beaches, mountains and other types of natural scenery. But what about industrial tourism? That’s one you […]

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Fine Mexican cigars are found in a variety of boxes — what's your favorite? © William B. Kaliher, 2012

Better than a Cuban cigar: Mexico’s Santa Clara Puros

Puros Santa Clara number among the world’s finest cigars. In fact, these fine Mexico cigars rival — and surpass — Cuban cigars in flavor and quality. Many articles cover Mexican tobacco, hand-rolled cigars and the internationally famous owners and growers of the product. But to fully appreciate Puros Santa Clara, its owner and founder Señor […]

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