David Santos Alonso: Ceramic art in the Mexico town of Cocucho

David Santos Alonso: ceramic art in the Mexico town of Cocucho

David Santos Alonso massaged the clay flower pot as stinging smoke skulked from the wooden cooking area. Inside the kitchen, his wife Maria Lydia prepared tortillas on a comal over a brick fogon next to a pot of water. Cocuchas — tall clay jars crafed in the Michoacan town of Cocucho — rose from the concrete floor and opened into sensuous […]

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Jars and bags full of feathers clutter Martha's desk. A dizzying array of colors -- pale green and cerulean blue and chocolate and raw umber -- clamor for attention.

Arte plumaria: the feather art of Martha Lopez Luna

Martha López Luna gripped a fragment of hummingbird feather with tweezers and placed it delicately on her painting of the Isla de Janitzio rising over the lake. Pondering her arte plumaria — feather art — painting for a moment, she removed a small puff of raw umber feather from a jar and split the piece into tiny […]

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