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Laredo and Nuevo Laredo: Four good reasons to visit a border town Renée J. LaPerrière de Gutiérrez

Regardless whether you translate la frontera as "border" or "frontier," the images evoked are often negative: lawlessness, dusty streets, harsh climes, and a general disregard for human life. Even... read more

Opening of bridge No. 4 in Laredo Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Renee on Marzo 22, 2000 Wowee! Just learned today that (barring unforeseen problems) the presidents of both Mexico and the US have agreed to come to the big bridge bash on April 14, 2000! ... read more

Driving from Guadalajara to Laredo and back Allan Cogan

My wife and I have driven from the Lakeside area to Laredo a few times on what always seemed to us, looking at the map, to be the shortest route, taking Highway 23 to Zacatecas and highway 54 from there to Saltillo, finishing the trip on Highway 85 via Monterrey. Starting early in the morning, it was easy to make Saltillo by early afternoon. Laredo was an easy hop the next morning. However, a couple of experiences on that route made us reconsider. read more
Showing 1—5 of 5 results
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