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City of Ideas keeps overlooking me Marvin West

View of the Cathedral in the city of Puebla
© Rick Meyer, 1996

Great intellectuals of the world have been talking for seven years about making things better. You can see how that has turned out.

They assemble each November in Mexico, in Pubela, to empower a large paying audience and others with innovative ideas in science, technology, art, design, politics, education, culture, business, entertainment and other areas of very important knowledge.

The City of Ideas, a three-day session, has brought in more than 200 speakers. For some strange reason, I have not been invited...

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Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Mexico Donald W Miles

There are Mexicans these days who have never attended a Cinco de Mayo celebration. The holiday has taken a back seat to the many saints' days and other festivals. The growth of celebrations in the Uni... read more

Did you know? The world's smallest volcano is in Puebla, Mexico Tony Burton

The Cuexcomate volcano, in a suburb of the city of Puebla, is generally considered to be the world's smallest volcano.   The world's smallest volcano Weighing in at an estimated 40 metric tons, i... read more

Yohualichan, Puebla Samantha Raneri

Maseual Siuat Xochitajkitinij, or "Indigenous Women, Weavers of Flower," works toward the revalorization and cultural conservation of traditional handicrafts. It is also promoting equity between men an... read more

On the road to becoming an authentic "poblano" Stephanie Seacord

IF YOU GO HOTELS RESTAURANTS IN THE HISTORIC DISTRICT Located 60 km southeast of Mexico City ­ about an hour and a half drive up a windin... read more

Talavera - Mexico's earthly legacy from the City Of Angels Rita Pomade

There is no more glorious an experience or heightening of the senses than to walk through Puebla's exquisitely beautiful downtown on a sun drenched afternoon. Every building is a work of art. And every... read more

Mexicasa: The Enchanting Inns and Haciendas of Mexico by Gina Hyams and Melba Levick Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Gina Hyams and Melba Levick have created a wonderful compilation of photographs of twenty-one of Mexico's most spectacular and beautiful inns and bed and breakfast establishments. This one is a real winner. read more

South from Puebla, Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

From Cholula we are in the city of Puebla in a matter of minutes. Though Puebla is a city of maybe 1.5 million people, it is not a city of tall buildings of steel and glass. The old part of town surrou... read more
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