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Come on down to Cabo San Lucas Marvin West

Los Arcos in Baja California
© Dr. Ilya Treyger
Cabo San Lucas, at the south end of Baja California Sur, can stand alone, a sparkling seaside gem.

The convergence of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific makes it special. The thought that pirates once used it as a haven adds drama. Yachts anchored in the bay say "this is the place," a thousand miles from U.S. border strife.

There is a full-grown marina, a shopping center, high-rise hotels, fancy boutiques, expensive restaurants and clubs... read more

Liga MAC: Mexicans, Americans and Canadians join forces in San Jose del Cabo Ed Kociela

Photos by Mariah Baumgartle The aroma of chicken over a mesquite grill fills the air on one of San Jose del Cabo's backstreets. Noisy dogs chase each other playfully down dusty, dirt roads nearby. Che... read more

Living well at the Hacienda Beach Club & Residences Darian Day and Michael Fitzpatrick

Swimming pool at Hacienda Beach Club & Residences in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
© Darian Day and Michael Fitzpatrick, 2011
The Hacienda Beach Club and Residences is balanced gracefully on the edge of the Sea of Cortez, on the shore of Medano Beach — arguably the premiere swimming beach in all of Los Cabos. Fringed with the white lace of the surf, its waters, transition smoothly to the aquamarines of tropical greens and blues, then recede into the depths of the deeper blues just beyond the boats anchored offshore. Most special, the Hacienda lays claim to what are probably the most stunning vistas of Land's End, Cabo's iconic rugged outcroppings that mark the end of the long Baja peninsula. read more

Rescuing and releasing sea turtle hatchlings in Todos Santos, Mexico Ed Kociela

Photos by Mariah Baumgartle The sun is setting off the coast of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur and, even though we are in the tropics, we are bundled up in heavy, hooded sweatshirts and jeans to pr... read more

Driving the Baja Highway Ed Kociela

The Baja 1,000 is considered one of the most dangerous, but exciting, races in the world. It winds through mountains and desert in the most remote parts of Baja California with drivers dodging Mother Nature's homespun hazards like rugged dry washes and rapid changes in altitude. They also deal with free-roaming livestock, rattlesnakes and one of the largest concentrations of big, bad cacti on the planet. read more

Beautifully Arranged George Bergin

In the United States those who live on the streets are called homeless, but Martín had a home. read more

The Calling George Bergin

The money kept rolling in because those who saw the boy went away in a state of euphoria. When they returned to their homes, ranches, they would tell their friends and family all about the boy Jesus, the cave. read more

Oasis of Stone: Visions of Baja California Sur Reviewed by James Tipton

Although the Baja coast has attracted thousands of visitors, among them some fine photographers, few have really journeyed to the interior

This exquisite coffee table book is a collaboration between two friends, both of whom are award-winning artists: photographer Miguel Angel de la Cueva and essayist (and poet and musician) Bruce Berger.

read more

North of Loreto: Mulege and Santa Rosalía, sun, beaches, hotels and history Tony Burton

(To Part One: Loreto and San Javier) Mulegé North of Loreto, the highway leaves the coast until about half way to Mulegé, at which point the Bahía de Concepción (Conception Bay) suddenly comes... read more

Part one - La Paz and El Triunfo: from beaches and baskets to mines, music and marine park Tony Burton

Part 2 La Paz La Paz was almost unrecognizable. I'd enjoyed the small town atmosphere when I first visited it in 1980 but it now has the big city pretensions that I find far less appealing. Despite... read more

Cabo Pulmo: from beaches and baskets to mines, music and marine park (part two) Tony Burton

Part 1 Cabo Pulmo   We arrive in Cabo Pulmo as the sun is setting, relieved to finally find the end of the initially paved, then dirt access road, which has been bounded by barbed wire ever since ... read more

Loreto Bay: the greenest place in Baja, and quite possibly in all of Mexico! Tony Burton

Loreto Bay, a 3-billion-dollar, 6,000-home development in Baja California Sur, may be the most eco- and socially-aware resort project anywhere in the country. Interactive map of Baja California & ... read more

Loreto and San Javier: from sun, sand and snorkeling to museums, missions and mountains Tony Burton

These three towns in Baja California Sur, offer a relaxing alternative to the frenetic pace of life in the pricier and more touristy Los Cabos area. Loreto, Mulegé and Santa Rosalía are very differen... read more

Clickable interactive map of Baja California Sur state, Mexico - La Paz, Loreto, Santa Rosalia, Los Cabos Tony Burton

Clickable interactive map of Baja California Sur state, Mexico: La Paz, Loreto, Santa Rosalia, Los Cabos read more
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