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Mexican master ceramist Jorge Wilmot: the interval between before and after Erin Cassin and Kinich Ramirez

Master ceramist Jorge Wilmot
"When I was working, I never thought of it as creating a piece of art. I was doing what I wanted to do and what I could do and I organized other people to do it."
"I am from Mexico, but it is like (being) from another country that no longer exists," says famed potter Juan Jorge Wilmot Mason.
Mexico lost a beloved artisan when he passed away on January 12, 2012. read more

Uncovering Tonala's history at the National Ceramic Museum Erin Cassin

Dating back to pre-Hispanic times, the nahual is a shape shifter who switches between human and animal forms and is often characterized as a shaman. read more

Wandering warriors: the Tastoan masks of Prudencio Guzman Erin Cassin

On July 25, Saint James Day, Tastoanes perform in many towns and villages. The first performances in 12th century Spain were known as the dance of the Moors and the Christians. In Spain's version, the event symbolizes the expulsion of the Moors, while Mexico's variation -- often called the dance of the Tastoanes -- is commonly interpreted as the representation of the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 1500s. read more

Mexico Hotels: Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and Tonala accommodations

Bed & Breakfasts Gran Turismo 5 Star Hotels 4 Star Hotels 3 Sta... read more

Mexico's extraordinary arts and crafts Karen Blue

Living here in Mexico offers me so many opportunities to be thankful. How did I ever fit a career into my life? My days are filled with friends, with travels, with bridge, with doll making and writing ... read more
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