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Shrimp in damiana and tequila sauce: Camarones al damiana y tequila Karen Hursh Graber

Damiana is a small, yellow flowered shrub that grows wild in Baja. The leaves and stems are picked fresh when the plant is flowering, and dried to make liqueur. It is used frequently with tequila, and ... read more

Fish "Meatballs": Albondigas de Pescado Karen Hursh Graber

A delicious and economical way to use just about any firm, white-fleshed fish, this is a common meal along Mexico's Pacific coast, especially in Baja California and the Puerto Vallarta area. The alb... read more

Baja stuffed clams: Almejas brujas Karen Hursh Graber

Many varieties of clams are to be found in the Sea of Cortez, including the famous chocolates and patas de mula. For this Mexican stuffed clams recipe, we used the large, yellow-shelled botijones, whic... read more

Mexican fish tacos: Tacos de pescado Karen Hursh Graber

Perhaps the most famous Baja street snack, and certainly one of the most frequent reader requests, fish tacos differ a bit from place to place, but are always served with the same basic selection of ga... read more

Mexican fish cocktail: Ceviche Karen Hursh Graber

Originally from Peru, where it is generally made with corbina, ceviche is a seafood cocktail served anyplace in Mexico where fresh fish is available. It has been "mexicanized" by the addition of ingred... read more

Mexican seven seas fish: Pescado siete mares Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican seven seas fish is a specialty of La Cenaduría, a lovely old adobe restaurant in San Jose del Cabo. It combines fresh red snapper filets, a mild salsa roja, and just enough manchego cheese to ... read more
Showing 1—6 of 6 results
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