San Blas, Nayarit

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A frigate-bird chick on Isla Isabel. Some 42,000 birds live on the island, many nesting in low garlic-pear trees whose fruit is appreciated by birds but not by human beings © John Pint, 2013

Isla Isabel, Mexico’s answer to the Galapagos

Isla Isabel is located 34 kilometers (21 miles) off Mexico’s west coast. It is a National Park and wildlife refuge with a population of some 42,000 birds and, in 2003, was named a World Heritage Site. On top of that, Isabel Island is a Ramsar site (wetlands of international importance). Because the birds and iguanas […]


San Blas, Nayarit (Mexico Notes 6)

Mexico Notes– part 6 But to me, a dreamer of dreams, to whom what is and what seems are often one and the same, the bells of San Blas to me have a strange wild melody, and are something more than a name. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The Bells of San Blas San Blas squats at […]


Going South – Mexico Of The 1980s

On Mexico’s west coast, few cities lie between Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Looking at a map of Mexico, San Blas sits halfway between the two. Its location is indicated by a red dot as opposed to a blue dot, meaning it is a city of some consequence. It holds its own as far as population, […]



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