Advertisers' Guidelines


General Conditions

Advertiser's advertising environment must be appropriate in the context of Mexconnect on which Advertiser's advertising content shall appear. The advertising environment includes the advertising content itself and the specific destination URL. In addition to the content guidelines listed below, Advertisers must have a privacy policy that is clearly posted either on the landing page from the advertisement or on the Advertiser's home page. If the privacy policy is found only on the home page, there must be a link to the home page from the landing page. Where the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") applies, Advertisers must take appropriate measures to ensure that they are COPPA compliant.

Mexconnect must approve all advertising content prior to posting on Mexconnect. Once advertising content has been posted on Mexconnect, Mexconnect shall have the right to remove previously approved advertising content from Mexconnect if Mexconnect later determines that Advertiser's advertising does not meet Mexconnect's standards or comply with Mexconnect's policies.


Advertising Content

The advertising content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement and may not be disguised as editorial content, as determined by Mexconnect. Advertisers must fulfill the advertised offer as stated in the advertisement, including without limitation, not altering any offer periods, product offers or prices that are stated in the advertisement; unless Advertiser has obtained Mexconnect's prior approval.


Inappropriate Advertising

Advertising content that is inappropriate for placement on Mexconnect:

- Excessive blinking or shaking creative

- "System Errors" — any ad that mimics a system message of any sort will be rejected unless the word "Advertisement" is conspicuously included.

- Tobacco — cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc. and except for anti-smoking campaigns approved by Mexconnect. The editor reserves the right to make exceptions for Mexican made products.

- Guns — firearms, bullets, etc.

- Pornography

- Defamatory, Threatening, Libelous — Mexconnect supports the idea of the Internet as a broad forum for the sharing of ideas and information; however, advertisements for web sites espousing racial or religious epithets, advocating physical harm against people or their property, or making blatantly false claims will not be accepted.

- Bad language, body parts, proxies for bad language

- Gambling (except for Gambling related sites) — Gambling sites are those that accept wagers or require payment in exchange for the chance to win prizes, as well as sites that offer information or links related primarily to the promotion of gambling. Applied to online casinos, sites with links to online casinos. Not applied to sites with general travel resources for Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc. Not applied to gambling recovery programs.

- Misleading language — using the word "free" in the advertisement to describe a contest or sweepstakes prize.

- Fake IDs — Even if web sites include a disclaimer such as "novelty items only".

- Black boxes/cable descramblers — Products that may facilitate illegal activity such as pirating cable television.

- Work-at-home services and multilevel marketing

- Email extraction software

- Appz, Warez, Crackz, Hackz, etc. — Sites that sell cracked or pirated software, or promote the cracking or pirating of software are banned.



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