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The bus goes everywhere. Marvin West

A Mexican local bus
Buses go everywhere in Mexico. Indeed, some encounter problems. There are natural, mechanical and human issues. Brakes fail. Weather is disruptive. Drivers doze. Fast buses smash into slow trucks. Dangerous curves are actually dangerous. There is another side to the story. The bus is one of the intriguing success stories in Mexico. The system works. The bus offers a somewhat economical and effective means to explore the entire country. read more

Driving in Mexico: No country for new cars John Scherber

In Mexico City, traffic rushed past no matter which way you look.
© Anthony Wright, 2011
The thought of driving in Mexico strikes a deadly fear into the hearts of many Americans and Canadians alike. Of course, they purchased Mexican car insurance when they crossed the border. Yet somehow this only made them feel legal, not safe. Now here's the reality as they ease their $46,000 BMW onto the pavement and point it south. read more

In Mexico: good bus, bad bus Marvin West

The majority of Mexicans don't own cars. Very few own airplanes. Passenger trains are extinct. Burros are notoriously slow. This makes bicycles and bus service very important. Something, perhaps need,... read more

Mexico car costs Marvin West

In Mexico, the bus, sooner or later, goes almost everywhere. And the cost is low. And there might be free entertainment, maybe an ancient dropout from a mariachi band or a youngster trying to transport... read more

Getting Your Car Fixed Larry Landwehr

April and May were hot and dry. This year, like every year, the city government of Guadalajara decreed rolling water dryouts (my own term) because of the lack of rain. One day out of every two weeks or... read more

The Army Corps Of Engineers Approach To Traffic Control Larry Landwehr

Mary and I left Wisconsin on November 8, 2000 to move to Guadalajara. We delayed until the 8th because we both wanted to vote in the presidential elections before leaving. We hitched our packed 4 by 8 ... read more

When taking the bus in Mexico, timing is everything Stan Gotlieb

I write for fun, and I love my adopted Oaxaca. Don't take me literally. I try not to take myself too seriously; neither should you. Still, there is truth in here somewhere, and it's as much about me an... read more
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