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Living healthy in Mexico: Insurance, health care and Mexico's medical tourism - a resource page Mexconnect Staff

Some are surprised at the quality of health care in Meixco. But the climate, diet and openness to alternative therapies all contribute to healty liing. In addition, Mexico is recognized throughout Lati... read more

International insurance plans for foreigners in Mexico Tony Hamrick

Updated September 16, 2013 It is advisable to have international health insurance while traveling or living as an expatriate. Having an international health plan gives a person, family or group a va... read more

Travel and expat medical insurance in Mexico Alex Routh

Insurance can seem quite complicated. What is best for you and why? If you're spending time in Mexico, can you take your medical policy with you? Or should you purchase travel insurance? Are there othe... read more
Showing 1—3 of 3 results
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