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Sacred places around us: Is Talpa a "power place"? Jenny McGill

 The Virgin of Talpa and her church by Guy Garber Guerrero
Quite by accident, I recently ran across a website that lists Talpa de Allende as a sacred power place. Martin Gray spent years visiting and photographing every place he heard was a sacred site, and one of his pilgrimages brought him to Mexico. Apparently, there are different types of sacred sites. Martin classifies Talpa as "miracle-work site." read more

Did You Know? Sixty-two indigenous languages still spoken in Mexico Tony Burton

As many as 62 indigenous languages are still spoken in Mexico. Most people realize that the national language of Mexico is Spanish and that Mexico is the world's largest Spanish speaking country. In f... read more

True Tales from Another Mexico by Sam Quinones Reviewed by Allan Cogan

An odd mixture of very positive descriptions of the country along with some appalling examples of what can happen south of the border. read more

Planting the seeds of democracy in Mexico City Karina Ioffee

"El ombligo del universo" the ancient Mayas used to say about Mexico City. "The bellybutton of the world." Within this city of 17 million, there are many central spots, but, in my opinion, none stand o... read more

Mexico's indigenous peoples Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci

These kids are Tarahumara indians who live in the Copper Canyon area. The Tarahumara are among the most marginalized of Mexico's indigenous peoples, and suffer from severe drought in the summer and nea... read more

Fear and uncertainty in Chiapas Stan Gotlieb

A monument to the 45 refugee victims of the massacre on December 22, 1997 in Acteal, Chiapas, at the hands of a paramilitary death squad. The child's shoe is a symbol of the many children who died that... read more

The EZLN: Mexico's President Zedillo changes his mind Stan Gotlieb

During the more than three years since the Zapatistas walked out of the jungle, and into history, El Sub has consistently predicted that he will not live to see victory. When I wrote this article, a li... read more

Mexico's National Erosion Project Stan Gotlieb

While traveling through the mountains to Tehuantepec, I noticed a large bald patch, obviously man made, on a very steep slope. At the time I thought "ah, someone must want to create erosion". The rest ... read more

Quien sabe? Stan Gotlieb

I read somewhere that there are three stages to many occurrences in Mexico: the event; the contradictory rumors that are told about the event; and the decision that, given all the preposterous rumors, ... read more

Shopping on Sunday Stan Gotlieb

Made by art students from sand and other materials, this sculpture in front of the Oaxaca Cathedral was created for Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Photography by Diana Ricci ... read more

Nobody expects the Protestant Inquisition Stan Gotlieb

First written in the spring of 1994, this story has been revised several times as dictated by subsequent events. It has generated more responses than any other. Most of them have been at least somewhat... read more

Plenty too much everything Stan Gotlieb

Figures made from cornhusks on display at Radish Festival, held on December 24 in the zocalo, Oaxaca. Photography by Diana Ricci In Oaxaca, having "bastante" (too much) is not consid... read more

The servant Stan Gotlieb

In early 1994, when this letter first appeared, I did not have any personal knowledge regarding the practices outlined here; nor do I now. I introduced this subject because there had been persistently ... read more

New kids on the block Stan Gotlieb

In March of 1994, I was contemplating the saying "Mexico: so far from God, so close to the United States", and having a good chuckle over El Sub's interview with Ed Bradley. In March of 1996, Marcos me... read more

Screwing the screw fly in Chiapas Stan Gotlieb

San Cristobal in April 1994 looked a lot like the rear command area in any bush war: lots of army, government officials, reporters, human rights observers, and tourists like me. A year after writing th... read more

The customer is always right... but Stan Gotlieb

Carved figure on display at the annual Radish Festival, held each year on December 23. "Mata rile rile ron" is a children's verse, used in a sort of "musical chairs" game. Photography by Diana Ricci S... read more

Right time, wrong place Stan Gotlieb

Protest flag, Zocalo, Oaxaca City, 1996: "Death to the PRI government, responsible for the corruption, misery and killing of the Mexican people" Photography by Diana Ricci. The local July 4th party wa... read more

And now for something a little different Stan Gotlieb

The main gate of the central cemetery of Oaxaca decorated for Dia de los Muertos. "Eternity starts here; worldly aggrandizement is dust" Photography by Diana Ricci. For me, "The Last Waltz", Robert Al... read more

I'm not the person I used to be Stan Gotlieb

One of several "living statues" created by artist / lithographer / framer Gerardo De La Barrera, for the anniversary of a local bistro situated just far enough off the tourist trails. Photography by Di... read more

Bless this restaurant Stan Gotlieb

Habañero peppers, among the world's hottest. There is probably enough energy here to blow up the whole Central de Abastos (central market), if only someone could figure out how to harness it. Photogr... read more

Sunday in the Zocalo Stan Gotlieb

Zocalo, 1996. "For the right to freely unionize under our government's patronage: hunger strike" A reminder that in the midst of all the tourist magic, regular life goes on. Photography by Diana Ricci ... read more

Letters from Mexico Stan Gotlieb

Carlos Salinas de Gortari, in the ashcan of history. Part of a demonstration in the zocalo of Oaxaca, October 1966. Sign reads "Deposit here: political corruption, bosses and gun thugs, narcopolitics a... read more

Central headquarters Stan Gotlieb

Sra. Ruth Gonzales, Librarian, who knows everyone's card number by heart. Photography by Diana Ricci Remember how quiet libraries used to be? How everyone talked in whispers at the desk, and when you ... read more

Ring them bells Stan Gotlieb

Part of the Dominican church and convent under restoration in Yanhuitlan, about a half hour drive from Oaxaca. Photography by Diana Ricci There are about 75 churches in Oaxaca, a city of about 100,000... read more

Letters from Mexico -norange, anyone? Stan Gotlieb

Pan de Yema, a slightly sweetened egg bread prepared for holiday celebrations. This picture was taken the day before Days of the Dead (Nov 1 & 2), in the Central de Abastos (main market), Oaxaca. P... read more
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