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Some illegal Mexicans end up big winners Marvin West

Perhaps you have heard that illegal immigration is down. The economy up north is supposedly discouraging. More and better border surveillance, patrols and the fence could be factors. Up, down or sideways, illegal immigration is, well, illegal. It is breaking and entering followed by an occasional game of hide and seek. All that said, sometimes bad ends up good. read more

Cejas and the great escape: Dog rescue in Tijuana Maggie Van Ostrand

A warm-hearted missionary rescues a Tijuana street dog and smuggles him across the border to a new home in California. read more

A modern day Rio Grande ferry tale Maggie Van Ostrand

The sun was shining, the breeze was gentle and Mark Alvarez was in a really good mood. "People call me all day when it starts raining," he said. They call because they need to find out if they'll be ab... read more

The fence along the Mexican border Maggie Van Ostrand

The English-speaking people of the world aren't always as smart as, say, Stephen Hawking who writes about cosmic stuff like time, black holes and the universe, but wouldn't you think the people in char... read more

How to move abroad (to Mexico) - and stay sane! Linzi Eisemann

Moving is always a rather upsetting experience and meticulous planning and organization are essential if all concerned want to retain their sanity! Moving to a foreign country only adds to the difficul... read more

Deporting Santa Claus Maggie Van Ostrand

Associated Press reports the U.S. Department of Immigration apprehended Santa Claus attempting to illegally enter the United States from Mexico. He was caught maneuvering his sleigh over a fence recent... read more

The Dark Side of the Dream by Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The story begins in 1941, at the time America went to war with Japan and Germany. It concerns the Salazar family, poor farmers in Chihuahua. The grandfather, Sebastian, knows he is dying and he advises the family to move to the United States. He reasons that because of the war the Americans will want lots of people to work in their country as their men go off to fight. Their farm is a ruin. Only expensive fertilizer could bring it back to life. And they don't have any money. read more

Getting here - paperwork for people, animals, cars and things Karen Blue

FM-T Tourist The basic entrance immigration status for tourists is the FM-T. It is valid for a maximum of 180 days and is issued at your point of entry into Mexico-either at a border crossing or an ai... read more

Bringing your dogs to Mexico Maggie Van Ostrand

Moving to Mexico was the easy decision; bringing my dogs with me was harder. First, how would I get them there? I didn't trust airplanes transporting animals. I thought they might lose my two big dogs... read more

Mexican-American War of ought-five Maggie Van Ostrand

Remember that Mexican-American War (1846-1848) where the U.S. had a thing called "Manifest Destiny?" That meant President James K. Polk believed in the "sea to shining sea" destiny for the U.S.A. and t... read more

Head for Mexico: The Renegade Guide by Don Adams Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Don Adams and his collaborators have produced a guide that's aimed directly at those people up north who are contemplating coming here, either permanently or for lengthy annual visits. The resulting volume is, in my opinion, a real winner. The various chapters are divided into topics such as putting your financial affairs in order and arranging for transfers of money.... read more

The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This, like its predecessor, All The Pretty Horses, is another coming-of-age story involving a young American in the border country between Mexico and New Mexico in the 1930s. Billy Parham is sixteen years old when he traps a wolf in New Mexico and decides to take the injured animal back across the border to its home. It’s an interesting journey. read more

Greyhound bus connection in the Otay Mesa Stan Gotlieb

When you're a famous traveler and adventurer such as myself, you get exposed to a lot of weird things, either first hand, or because people write to you telling you of their own experiences. You get to... read more

On the border between Mexico and Guatemala Stan Gotlieb

Some days are better than others. Visa days are hardly ever good, filled as they are with anxiety and uncertainty. All this visa business seems so silly to me, and so costly, and so inconvenient. Why c... read more

Letters to the editor: June - Nov. 1995 Stan Gotlieb

Below are some archives of letters to the editor that Stan has chosen to answer with open responses. November 30, 1995 The Struggle Curious, it seems. My wife and I were on a bus... read more

The Crystal Frontier by Carlos Fuentes Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The book consists of nine short narratives - stories, if you like - each one occurring in the hazy borderline between Mexico and America - what Fuentes chooses to call the crystal frontier. read more

La Luz Roja (the Red Light) Larry Landwehr

On Monday morning, the 13th of November, we picked up the permit to import our household goods into Mexico from the Mexican consulate in Dallas. The drive down to Laredo was uneventful except that we n... read more

Living/Crossing Tijuana/San Diego

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by alex in TJ on Mayo 02, 2000 HOUSING: There are two nice areas of Tijuana. Playas de Tijuana is the little strip between the En... read more

Taking Children / Grandchildren into Mexico jennifer j. rose

If a minor child is not escorted by both parents, a notarized consent from the absent parent is required. A similar consent from both parents must accompany the child traveling along or escorted by a nonparent. A U.S. court order authorizing the travel can substitute for an absent parent who refuses to consent or who cannot be located. If paternity has not been established, have the child's birth certificate available, showing that there is only one parent. If the child has a passport issued in the child's own name, then consents are not necessary. read more

A Discussion about immigration Discussion Thread Forum

My sister in Morelia just finished getting her FM-3 in San Miguel de Allende this week, and she ís given me the latest report: read more

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