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The traveling Mexican market: El tianguis by Daniel Wheeler

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Shopping in Mexico: the tianguis Susan Zimmerman

The Aztecs called it tianquiztli, Nahuatl for the marketplace". Modern Mexicans refer to it as the tianguis, mercado sobre ruedas ("market on wheels" - a term used mostly in Mexico City), ... read more

Take me out to the tianguis Charles Dews

We rented our first house in San Miguel on a Wednesday. The street, Indio Triste, was like many in San Miguel--cobbled, narrow, and the walls that surround the houses and gardens are built right up to ... read more

Tianguis: itinerant traders in a traveling Mexican market Jenny McGill

In Talpa, we have tianguis or street markets. Every two weeks, venders come from Guadalajara with their trucks loaded with fresh vegetables and fruit, herbs, ornate plants, cell phones, hair dryers and CD players. We can buy a galvanized milk can or rubber boots to wear in the milking lot. There are clay bean pots, stone metates for grinding the spices for savory salsas and machetes to clear the path through the woods. read more
Published or Updated on: June 14, 2009 by Daniel Wheeler © 2009
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