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Pictures of Zirahuen, Mexico by Rick Meyer

Zirahuén on this and the next page is a town and a lake west and south of Patzcuaro. From the Patzcuaro bus station you can catch a bus for 7 pesos which will start off towards Uruapan and then turn off south for the last 5 km to the town. Get off the bus where the pavement ends and walk to the left towards the lake. The lake is smaller but much deeper than Lake Patzcuaro. There is almost no development around the lake. What little there is is on the west side where the launchas travel to and from.

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Zirahuen, Michoacan: Like Prozac in the air jennifer j. rose

A short kilometer from Santa Clara de Cobre, on the way to Ario de Rosales, a bust of a young Lazaro Cardenas nods toward Zirahuen. "I'm sort of proud of this road, now that it has been improved," I re... read more
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