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Purchasing Furniture in Guadalajara-Tonalá Area

jameslcastner Nov 4, 2013, 11:54 AM Post #1 of 18 (56338 views) Shortcut Purchasing Furniture in Guadalajara-Tonalá Area Can’t Post | Private Reply Hello, I would like to purchase rustic or hacienda type furniture to be shipped back to my home in Florida. I am looking for a reliable store or factory with quality pieces […]



Posted by Louise Lander on Marzo 21, 2000 If I’m living in Mexico, with no traces of a residence in the U.S. other than a past history, do I need to have a Will drawn up in Mexico? Or do I need a Mexican Will for my Mexican assets and a U.S. Will for my […]


Mazatlan Trip Report

Posted by Thom on January 04, 1997 My wife and I just returned from MONTH in Mexico, the better part of which we spent in Mazatlan. We have been to Mexicoís other Pacific coast resort areas several times, but for some reason, we had never been to Mazatlan. We booked our flight and the first […]


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